Hello there world!

Well, hello there! First off, let me explain why I decided to start a blog. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately for a class research project, mainly Peace Corps blogs. I was really interested by them and have even begun to read them in my spare time, I seriously think I may be going crazy. I’m sure that my life will probably never be as interesting as a Peace Corps volunteer’s life, but maybe someone will find it interesting. In all honesty, I’m not even sure if anyone is going to read this… If there is someone reading this then Yay! If not, no biggie. I’m doing this mainly as a learning experience. My life goal, career wise, is to become a published author. Which is why I am currently an English major (by the way, I know I don’t have perfect grammar). I thought that keeping a blog might be a good chance to see how people respond to my writing and I would love to share my writing with the world. I plan on making some of my blogs fiction and some about my actual life.

Second off, I’ll explain a bit about myself. I’m currently a college freshman at a small college in California. I’m basically your typical nerd… except different. I like math, but only when I actually get the problems right, which isn’t all that often. I love to read, but the books I like to read are mainly aimed at fourteen year old girls. I never skip class and I always do my homework. I’m immature, but not in the usual ways. I call my mom every single day, I’m addicted to YouTube and Facebook, I’ve never been on a date… ever, I don’t party/drink/do drugs, and my room is an absolute mess. I also happen to be extremely uncoordinated, so sports never worked out well. The one thing that I truly love doing and that I am actually semi-good at is writing. 

Well, there’s my first ever blog! If anyone out there in this whole big world is reading this I hope you have a fantastic day or night! Comments and constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Hello there world!

  1. 😀 i’ve decided to write a comment, just for you to know that anyone has read this 😉
    i like it 🙂 in some ways we are very equal, i think 🙂 (i am also very uncoordinated, i like maths, and so on … but i also like to party :D)

    hope you’ve got also a great day today :}

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