Easter with my Family

First off, my family is crazy. I love them all (minus my little cousins), but I often find myself thinking “how the hell am I related to these people?!”

Example 1: Sitting with my Mom, Granny, brother, and aunt the conversation somehow turns to marijuana (I shouldn’t be surprised). My aunt wants it to be legalised so she can sell it and make lots of money, and my mom wants to be her business partner. My granny wants to eat it, not because she’s sick or anything, she just wants to try it. Of course my brother doesn’t say anything, but he wants it legalised so he can smoke it… or maybe he doesn’t really care because he already does that. I just sit there and shake my head, I would never smoke it, eat it, sell it, or do anything else with it. Five minutes after their conversation ends I hear another group of people on the other side of the room having the same discussion! Good Grief!

Example 2: I have no clue how I ended up being shy, quiet, and reserved. My dad is the loudest in the house, and he’s telling really dirty jokes. All the while, my two extremely obnoxious little cousins are running around like devil children. The boy is telling me I look like a fat elephant and threatening to rip my earings out, his sister is batting her tiny little eye lashes making everyone think she’s sweet… I know she’s not. I’m glad that no one in my family knows I have a blog cause I wouldn’t want them to know this, but I would bet that when she’s in high school she’s gonna be a slut, and her brother might be in juvey.

Well, I guess I just had to rant. I really don’t know how I turned out like I am today. But, I’m sure part of the reason is because as much as I love my family, I do NOT want to be like them. Harsh, but true.


2 thoughts on “Easter with my Family

  1. I think that’s the way it usually works, ha. You do your best to not be like the people around you a lot of the time. Most of the time people don’t realize that’s what their doing though.

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