Abigail Brown: Chapter 2

Note: This is Fiction. I would love any feedback or criticism. Enjoy!



            Abigail woke to some muffled murmurs and an aching head. When her vision returned to normal, the face of a guy came into focus. This was not just any normal guy, he was about six and a half feet tall with muscles peeking out from his t-shirt and his face was amazing. I’ve never had a thing for blue-eyed guys… but maybe I can make an exception, her initial thought was followed by a harsher one. Why the hell am I staring at this gorgeous guy when I’ve just woken up from being knocked out by who knows what! Oh my gosh, what if I have a concussion! Her usual overly nervous self had returned to normal as she sat there panicking and forgot what was going on around her.

            “Are you ok?” His rugged voice broke through her thoughts and she stared at him confused for a moment before nodding her head. Abigail didn’t know if she was ok, but what else do you say in a situation like this?

            “I’m really sorry about knocking you over. I guess I should watch where I’m going, and stop playing football on the side-walk.” He laughed a little and glanced over to a group of large buff guys smiling a few feet away.

            So THIS is the brick wall that ran into me? Abigail thought as she gave the hottie a good glance over. He held out his hand and she hesitated a second before grabbing it and allowing him to help her up. Her boy skills were worse than her class presentation skills and she quickly gathered up her scattered books while everyone continued to stare at her.

            “Are you sure you’re alright? I’ve given guys twice your size concussions on the field.” He looked completely serious as Abigail stifled a laugh. Is this guy serious? “I’m on the football team”, he explained “my name’s Luke, what’s yours?”

            “Um, I’m Abigail. And I’m fine, I swear. Just a bit of a headache, no worries.” She gave him a quick smile and hurried on to class.


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