End of the Semester Stress Overload

            It’s the last thirty days of my first year in college… oh my goodness. The pressure is on. Unlike a lot of other colleges, my school held its spring break a month ago. I think we are all very ready for summer. I’m so stressed out that I’m getting mixed up all the time. I went to my piano class thirty minutes early this morning and stood there for ten minutes wondering if it was cancelled before returning to my room to check my schedule. A couple of days ago I woke up to see 7:59 on my clock and jumped out bed frantic to get to class on time. About thirty seconds into my panic I realized it was a Thursday and I didn’t have class till 1pm. I know the time change was almost a month ago, but it’s still throwing me off! And for the past two months I’ve been dreading meeting with my faculty advisor to discuss classes for next year. Luckily I’m getting that over with tomorrow. Then all I have to worry about is actually getting into the classes I want to take. I am lucky in that a few of my classes don’t have finals, just huge projects and or presentations.

            I’ve loved my first year of college and it’s gone by faster than I could have imagined. But, I’m wholeheartedly ready for summer… although I’m not so ready for the whole getting a job thing. Just one more thing to add to list of things to stress about.


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