Abigail Brown: Chapter 3

What a day! Abigail thought as Mr. Frye handed her test back with a big red 56% in the corner. She’d shown her underwear in Spanish, been knocked unconscious by an irresistible football player, and failed a math test she was totally prepared for. And this was all before noon.

            She walked back to her dorm with one thing in mind, a nice long nap. Too bad for her, Destiny had other plans.

            “Oh, hi Destiny.” Abigail said trying not to show her disappointment. Abigail didn’t hate her roommate Destiny, but she could definitely get on her nerves. Today she had decided to have a mini party in their tiny dorm room. Although, this would be considered a party only by Abigail’s standards.

            Destiny and her two best friends resembled Barbie clones as they shook their hips to the latest Lady Gaga song and crowded around the mirror. Tiffany straightened her hair while Brook applied her eighteenth coat of lip gloss and Destiny took pictures of herself pouting. Good grief, could we be anymore opposite? Abigail thought as she plopped down in front of her computer to email a few friends from high school. Or rather, to email the only two people from high school that she keeps in contact with.

            “Hey Abbie, does my hair look straight?” Abigail glanced over Tiffany’s flawless hair and gave a friendly nod.

            “Are you guys going somewhere?” She tried to sound more curious than judgmental, but it was only noon on a Thursday and Abigail thought partying on weeknights, or afternoons, was trashy.

            “It’s rush season!” Destiny practically squealed. “we have to look our best or we might not get recruited! Hey, are you gonna rush? It’s super fun!” Her smile and eyes showed that she really was having fun, her grades showed that she might be having too much fun.

            “No, it’s just not for me. But I’m thinking of joining the pep band!” They looked at her with fake smiles and she returned to her computer screen. Just then a strong knock on the door quieted to room.

            “Hi boys!” Abigail glanced back to see two unfamiliar guys and the same blue eyes from earlier.

            “Nice haircut Luke.” Destiny ran her perfectly manicured fingers through his hair before she planted a kiss on his ready lips.


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