Abigail Brown: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

            Abigail turned back to her computer screen with a slight pang in her stomach. Better to get my hopes dashed now than to sit around thinking of his gorgeous eyes for two weeks with no hope, she thought as she returned to her email.

            “Oh hey, it’s you again. Angela right?” His voice broke was clearly directed at her, but Abigail paused confused for a moment.

            “Oh me? Yah, it’s, um, Abigail.” She trailed off as she looked into his blue eyes, maybe if I had a name like “Angela” I would have a boyfriend by now.

            Abigail was still staring at the door as it closed. She then proceeded to rest her sore head face down on her desk. She was about to reach into her desk draw for a sympathetic candy bar when a thought occurred to her. My name may not BE Angela, but he thought it was. So maybe I have to potential to be an Angela type of girl…

            Her mind wandered around the prospect of reinventing herself. Her name suited her perfectly, maybe too perfectly. What if she had been named Amber or Andrea, she wondered. How is it that I have a really nerdy name and I just happened to turn out really nerdy? She tossed around the idea of changing her name. But, she decided against it. After all, she didn’t hate her name, she hated her personality.