Abigail Brown: Chapter 5

   Abigail Brown: Chapter 5 — The Plan 

            After a few hours of watching music videos and flipping through magazines, Abigail had a plan. No name changing involved.

            It’s simple, she thought to herself, Luke has no idea who I am. I could be a total slut for all he knows. I’ve only been going to school here for like two months, there are plenty of people who don’t know me or wouldn’t even notice if I changed. I could be totally different. I don’t have to be nerdy, socially awkward Abigail. I can be confident, sexy Abigail. Sure, I’m not really that good-looking, but I’ve seen plenty of confident girls with a lot less going for them than I do. Guy’s don’t care if I’m REALLY hot; I just have to make them THINK I’m hot.

            She went to bed thinking up ways to be different and when she woke she was excited by the bright sun shining through her window. Today is my lucky day, she repeated to herself as she reached for her shortest skirt and most revealing shirt. Compared to some girls Abigail was still dressed like a nun, but it was a start.

            She took the extra five minutes to put on her contacts and tucked her glasses away in the top of her closet to resist temptation. She even went so far as to wear eyeliner, and if you know Abigail, you know this is a very rare occurrence.

            “Good morning roomie!” Destiny’s drunken voice and loud footsteps made Abigail jump in surprise.

            “Oh, hi. Um, don’t you have class in like an hour?” Abigail was a bit judgmental, but more than anything she was worried.

            “Yah, I’m not going today, no one will notice. I’m gonna go to bed, I’m pretty tired.”

            I bet you are, it’s 8am! What is going on with you? Abigail shrugged and held back her concern. “Ok, I’ll try to be quiet when I get back from class”.  Then, Abigail remembered something and her concern melted right away, “Hey, Destiny. Are there any rush parties this weekend?”

            “Of course there are, that’s what weekends are for.” Destiny gave a satisfied smile before collapsing on her bed face down and Abigail walked to class feeling like a new woman.


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