Stress Fest

Wow, and it just had to get more stressful.

There is only a week and a half till finals and everyone is trying to catch up on work. Personally I have 80 online Spanish assignments that I’ve been putting off. Plus this week I have 2 math tests, a Spanish test, and a ten minute class presentation to prepare for. Today I had to go to an initiation ceremony for an honors society that I just joined. Then as soon as I get focused on my school work I get a phone call from campus safety.

Someone called in a bomb threat to our school. I know, most bomb threats are just threats and nothing more. Our on campus police and local police are currently inspecting the school and haven’t found anything, but I’m still nervous. The threat said they would detonate a bomb at 10pm. So I haven’t really been able to focus for the past few hours. It’s hard to think about conjugating verbs when you are thinking about exploding buildings.

Hopefully 10pm will roll around and nothing will happen, and then everyone can go back to stressing about finals. But it kind of puts things in perspective. Sometimes I feel like my grades are matters of life and death, but there are real threats out there. Maybe when this whole bomb threat is over I’ll realize that there is no need to stress about keeping up my GPA… but I doubt it. I’ll probably stay up late studying for Spanish and math.

Oh the joys of college life.


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