Abigail Brown: Chapter 2

Note: This is Fiction. I would love any feedback or criticism. Enjoy!



            Abigail woke to some muffled murmurs and an aching head. When her vision returned to normal, the face of a guy came into focus. This was not just any normal guy, he was about six and a half feet tall with muscles peeking out from his t-shirt and his face was amazing. I’ve never had a thing for blue-eyed guys… but maybe I can make an exception, her initial thought was followed by a harsher one. Why the hell am I staring at this gorgeous guy when I’ve just woken up from being knocked out by who knows what! Oh my gosh, what if I have a concussion! Her usual overly nervous self had returned to normal as she sat there panicking and forgot what was going on around her.

            “Are you ok?” His rugged voice broke through her thoughts and she stared at him confused for a moment before nodding her head. Abigail didn’t know if she was ok, but what else do you say in a situation like this?

            “I’m really sorry about knocking you over. I guess I should watch where I’m going, and stop playing football on the side-walk.” He laughed a little and glanced over to a group of large buff guys smiling a few feet away.

            So THIS is the brick wall that ran into me? Abigail thought as she gave the hottie a good glance over. He held out his hand and she hesitated a second before grabbing it and allowing him to help her up. Her boy skills were worse than her class presentation skills and she quickly gathered up her scattered books while everyone continued to stare at her.

            “Are you sure you’re alright? I’ve given guys twice your size concussions on the field.” He looked completely serious as Abigail stifled a laugh. Is this guy serious? “I’m on the football team”, he explained “my name’s Luke, what’s yours?”

            “Um, I’m Abigail. And I’m fine, I swear. Just a bit of a headache, no worries.” She gave him a quick smile and hurried on to class.


Abigail Brown: A New Story (Just for Fun)

    Note: This is a fiction story that I am currently working on. I’m just having fun and making it up as I go along. I’m not sure where it’s going, but I plan on posting a few short chapters a week. I would love some feedback! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it!



            Abigail Brown rolled out of bed not knowing where her life was going and not expecting what was around the corner. She pulled on her favorite hoodie and grabbed a pop tart as she headed off to 8am Spanish. Mr. Romero gave her a friendly “Hola!” as she took her seat and prepared mentally for the upcoming presentation. Singing and dancing to The YMCA in Spanish wasn’t her idea of a fun class project, but seeing the group of girls in the corner practicing their booty shakes made her suddenly glad for her song choice.

            An hour later, Abigail was so amused by the other presentations that she was fine with the idea of three minutes of mild embarrassment. Well, that’s what she thought until the class started laughing hysterically and she realized that her underwear was showing. Her red and white skirt must have gotten stuck in her polka dot granny-panties when she went to the bathroom before class. She fixed her skirt and continued on holding back embarrassed tears and feeling her face redden.

            She was still shaking after class as she headed to math. On the way she saw a tiny humming bird and took it as a sign of luck. Things might seem bad now, but it’s going to get better, she thought as she rounded the corner to the math and science building. Just then, something hit her like a brick wall and she fell with a thud to the cold cement ground.

Why I Know I’m Meant to be a Writer

1.) I keep a daily journal. I don’t know many people my age who are able to do that. I write no matter what, even if it’s 3am and I just finished a huge paper. I’ve been writing daily since about the 5th grade. I’ve filled up about 30 journals, that’s a lot of pages and a lot of ink.

2.) I love blank notebooks. There are few thinks more beautiful than blank pages waiting to be filled. And I love a good pen too. My favorite pen right now is the Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine pen in purple, for any of you pen lovers out there. =)

3.) When I’m stressed I write. Some people drink, some smoke, some punch walls, who knows what else people do when they need an outlet. I don’t tell people how I feel, but my journal knows EVERYTHING.

4.) I’m not much of a talker. When I went to middle school my shyness started getting worse and in high school it kind of got out of control, and I’ve just recently reined it in a bit. It really sucks going through a full day of school without saying more than 10 words and I made up for it by driving my family crazy chatting and by writing like crazy. Even though I’m no longer the girl who everyone thinks is a mute, I still turn to writing like most people turn to a friend.

5.) I’ve loved every English class I’ve ever taken. I’ve never had a problem with school (except 6th grade, but that’s a long story) but English has always been my favorite. I still complain about writing papers and reading books, but I’ve always felt proud when I finish a paper. I’ve actually really enjoyed my high school research papers on Puppy Mills, Animal Rights, and Juliette Low. I love learning new things and writing about them.

I know that I’m not an amazing writer, but it’s what I love to do. I plan on writing for the rest of my life. I hope that I can someday make a living from doing wha I love, but even if I never make a penny I’ll keep writing.

Easter with my Family

First off, my family is crazy. I love them all (minus my little cousins), but I often find myself thinking “how the hell am I related to these people?!”

Example 1: Sitting with my Mom, Granny, brother, and aunt the conversation somehow turns to marijuana (I shouldn’t be surprised). My aunt wants it to be legalised so she can sell it and make lots of money, and my mom wants to be her business partner. My granny wants to eat it, not because she’s sick or anything, she just wants to try it. Of course my brother doesn’t say anything, but he wants it legalised so he can smoke it… or maybe he doesn’t really care because he already does that. I just sit there and shake my head, I would never smoke it, eat it, sell it, or do anything else with it. Five minutes after their conversation ends I hear another group of people on the other side of the room having the same discussion! Good Grief!

Example 2: I have no clue how I ended up being shy, quiet, and reserved. My dad is the loudest in the house, and he’s telling really dirty jokes. All the while, my two extremely obnoxious little cousins are running around like devil children. The boy is telling me I look like a fat elephant and threatening to rip my earings out, his sister is batting her tiny little eye lashes making everyone think she’s sweet… I know she’s not. I’m glad that no one in my family knows I have a blog cause I wouldn’t want them to know this, but I would bet that when she’s in high school she’s gonna be a slut, and her brother might be in juvey.

Well, I guess I just had to rant. I really don’t know how I turned out like I am today. But, I’m sure part of the reason is because as much as I love my family, I do NOT want to be like them. Harsh, but true.

It’s Good To Be Home

I’m home from college for a three day weekend and it’s really reminding me how much I love being with my family. Sometimes when I’m at school I forget all the fun I have at home and I just remeber the bad times. But now that I’m home I’m happier than I’ve been in a few weeks. It’s so nice to be surrounded by people who love me regarless of if I say something really stupid or if I’m in a bad mood. I’ll be back to school in two days, but it’s so nice to have a little break. =)