Abigail Brown: Chapter 9

            “Thanks,” Abigail said as she turned to leave the kitchen with her overflowing cup of beer. She didn’t really want to go back to the horrible blasting music and slutty dancing girls, but she didn’t want to stay in the kitchen looking awkward in front of five half-drunk guys.

            “Hey wait. What’s your name?” She turned quickly to see that the guy speaking was the same one who filled up her cup.

            “Um, I’m Abbey.”

            “I’m Brad. You go to school here right?” By now the other guys had moved to the other side of the room to continue with their previous conversation, leaving Brad and Abigail standing by the keg.

            “Ya,” she wished she had something more interesting to say, but all she could manage was, “Do you?”

            “Yep, I sure do. Second year engineering student. Trying to get my partying in before the semester gets too crazy.” He smiled his crooked smile at her and Abigail just stood there wishing the effect of the alcohol would hit her faster.

            “Oh, um, that’s cool.” She took a big sip of her beer, letting the cool liquid glide down her throat. Leaving it with a warm tingle. She’d always hated the taste of alcohol. She’d tried a sip of her mom’s wine once and had half a glass of champagne at her cousin’s wedding last spring, but that was the extent of her drinking ventures. She ignored the taste and took another long drink before she finally came up with something else brilliant to say. “So, um, engineering… that’s pretty tough, isn’t it?”

            “For most people it is. But I can handle it.” His eyes gleamed with a certain flare that Abigail had never seen before and he kept grinning at her with that sideways smile.

            “Looks like you need a refill,” He took her cup but hesitated a moment. “Or, do you want something a little stronger?” He reached behind the keg and pulled out a bottle of some clear liquid and two shot glasses. Abigail didn’t know anything about alcohol and the label was turned away from here, so she had no clue what it was, but she knew it was strong.

            He grinned up at her as he poured two shots. He handed one to her and took the other for himself.

            “Cheers.” He said as he clanked his shot against hers and she ignored the knot in her stomach.


Abigail Brown: Chapter 8

Abigail walked into the party, her feet already aching in her heels, with her best friend at her side. I can do this, this will be fun. It’s a perfectly normal teenage thing to do. I can handle this. Abigail tried to reassure herself that the night was going to turn out just fine, but then she caught sight of the room full giggly, half-drunk girls dressed skankier than she would ever attempt and guys dancing with them like no one was looking. That’s when Abigail’s thoughts changed to sheer panic and her old shy-self took over. Oh my god, I can’t do this. There are so many people. I have to leave, I don’t belong here. I’m not like these girls. What was I thinking!

            Abigail glanced at Chloe to see if she was as freaked out as her, but Chloe looked over the party with an excited smile. Abigail had always wished she was outgoing and adventurous like her friend, and for a few minutes she’d convinced herself that she could be. But now all of that was shattered.

            “Let’s dance!” Chloe pulled her friend to the edge of a large group of people dancing and began moving her hips and flipping her hair like all the other girls, but not quite as slutty. Abigail tried her best but she had never been good at dancing. She’d been to five school dances in high school but was only asked to dance twice. Neither of those times had gone very smoothly.

            “Why aren’t you dancing?” Chloe had to practically scream over the blasting music.

            “I am!” She glanced down at her feet which were firmly planted and her hips that were just barely swaying. Her arms swung nervously at her sides wishing they had something more useful to do. “Well, I’m trying my best. I suck at dancing.”

            After a few more minutes of horrible dancing Abigail was trying to come up with an excuse to get away from the music. Right when she decided to say she had to go to the bathroom a tall blond guy came up to them and started dancing with Chloe. This would have made Abigail panic, but Chloe seemed fine. So Abigail leaned close and yelled, “I’ll be back in a minute!” She barely waited for Chloe to nod back to her before she headed toward to nearest door.

            She entered a yellow kitchen with linoleum floors and a massive keg of beer. There were several guys standing around the keg drinking and talking loudly. I should just turn around; they didn’t even notice me come in. As Abigail turned and reached for the door another thought came into her mind, Or… I could just have one beer. It might help. Maybe it will magically make me good at dancing or outgoing.

            Abigail turned toward the keg and grabbed a red plastic cup from the stack. She paused for a moment remembering that she had no idea how to work a keg. Then one of the guys looked at her with a sideways smile and took her cup.

            “Want a beer?” He said as he filled her cup up and handed it to her. The foam just barely streamed over the edge of the cup and Abigail took a sip quick to keep more from spilling out.

My Freshman Year of College in Numbers

  • 7 ink cartridges
  • 2 packs of printer paper
  • 1 new best friend
  • 1 awesome roommate
  • 18 cool floor-mates
  • 33 units
  • 7 A’s/ 2 A-‘s/ 1 Pass
  • Endless amount of YouTube videos watched
  • Too many late nights doing homework
  • A billion cafeteria burritos
  • 11 drives home
  • 2 oil changes
  • 1 Pep Band uniform
  • Several cute guys
  • 3 colds
  • 1 case of food poisoning
  • 1 time getting lost in the rain with my best friend
  • 8 movies/3 documentaries in the campus theater
  • 1 new city
  • A bunch of new friends
  • A million unforgettable memories

Finals, Moving Out, and Carrie Underwood

It feels like it has been forever since I posted to my blog! Things have been so crazy lately. Finals week was crazy, definitely a memorable experience, and I get at least three more years of it. My last night in the dorms I just looked around and it hit me that I would never sleep in this building again, with my roommate across the room and my floor-mates down the hall. I would never again hear those familiar asian guys playing guitar and singing on Friday nights. I would never be in this same situation with these same people again. Sure, next year I will be in a different dorm, with a different roommate, and different floor-mates. Everything in life happens once and only once. There are variations of situations and events, but every single moment is unique.

Moving out of the dorms was infinitely less fun than moving into the dorms. It was raining and I accidentally left my car windows down overnight. So when I got into my car to roll the windows up I got soaked just from sitting down. I also got soaked trying to find the recycling bins that seem to move around everyday. Plus it took me about six trips up and down to my car. I changed quickly and scooted around on my knees with a damp paper towel trying to get the dust bunnies off the floor before my RA came to inspect my room and check me out. I slipped a card onto my roommate’s dresser telling her what I’d been too shy to say all year, that I was so glad she ended up being my roommate. Then she helped me with my last load to my car and it finally stopped raining. It was a very long three-hour drive home.

I still haven’t unpacked. And now I have a whole new bag of things to unpack because a few days ago I drove six hours down to see some old friends. It feels odd to say “old friends” when I’m not even twenty years old, but I don’t have better word for them. These two friends are twins that moved away in 8th grade, but we’ve stayed in touch all this time. They come up to visit their mom a few times a year, so we usually hang out about once a year. The six-hour drive seemed to last forever, and it took me through vast golden fields of cows. I finally found there house in a tiny rural town with more cats and deer than people.

It was so nice to see my friends again, we haven’t spent too much time together since they moved away five years ago. I got to see where they went to highschool, which was so weird. It’s hard to describe, but there world seemed so separate from mine, I just couldn’t picture it being real. But it was nice to see where they’ve been for all this time and the people and the places were all real and concrete.

The main reason why I came all that way was to go to a Carrie Underwood concert with my twin buddies. The three of us had never been to a concert before and so we were all very excited. Unfortunately since we bought our tickets at different times and security was tight I didn’t get to sit with them. It would have been more fun with them next to me, but I still had a good time. The show was amazing!!!! I never knew what really happened at a concert and I was very impressed. The costume changes, the moving backgrounds that were projected onto huge screens, and the music. It was all unbelievable. Carrie Underwood looked like a little dot from my seat, but it was amazing to be looking at a real life famous person, someone who I’ve only ever seen on TV and magazine pages. It was a really cool experience. The best part: Carrie Underwood floating over the audience on a flying pickup truck!!!! Needless to say, it was an awesome experience. Even though we didn’t sit together, it was great to get to experience that with two of my best friends.

The six-hour drive home was much nicer than the drive down. The cows and the fields were all so peaceful and the time went by quickly. I’m so glad that I got to spend the time with my friends, it was totally worth twelve hours of driving. I’m not a very social person, so even if I don’t hang out with any other friends this summer I’ll be happy. Now I need to get a job and start making money.

So that has been my life lately. Now I’m back to my normal, boring routine and I’m loving my life.

Abigail Brown: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

            Sure, she doesn’t officially have a crush on him. But she still sits around and day dreams about him walking up to her, taking her glasses off, and looking into her eyes before kissing her passionately. Sure, he’s her roommate’s boyfriend, but it’s only day dreaming. Abigail thought this over as she stared into her eyes through the mirror wishing that it was him on the other side of the reflection.

            “Hey, are you ready to go?” Her roommate said cheerily.

            “Yep, Chloe will be here in just a minute” Abigail said as she tucked her ID card into her bra. She always thought this was a skanky thing to do, but she felt like being a little bad tonight. A few seconds later the girls heard a knock on the door and Abigail opened it with a smile expecting her best friend.

            “Oh, Hi again.” Luke’s perfect eyes stayed on her for only a second before shifting to her roommate Destiny. “Hello gorgeous.” Her skinny arms wrapped around him and Abigail turned away quickly.

            “Hi!” Chloe’s voice floated through the open door and Abigail’s smile instantly returned. “Are you ready to party tonight?”

            “Definitely. I’m so excited.” Nervous was the first word that popped into her head, but she managed to push that out. She couldn’t, however, quiet the voices chanting Oh my gosh, I look like such a slut. Chloe is going to think I’m a horrible skanky friend!

            “Damn, that is one short dress.” Chloe looked a bit surprised, but added “It looks good though.” After the usual introductions the four of them met up with Destiny’s Barbie-clone friends and their matching Ken-doll boyfriends. Then they were off to a little rundown old house full of cheep booze and uninhibited college kids.

Abigail Brown: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Hey Chloe, what are you doing this weekend?” Abigail’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she walked to the cafeteria with her best friend.

            “Nothing. What are you doing this weekend Abbey?” The slight playfulness in Abigail’s voice made Chloe suspicious. But Abigail was the most reserved person Chloe had ever met, so she was surprised by her answer.

            “Well, there is a rush party for one of the sororities on Friday.” Chloe looked too surprised to talk, so Abigail continued, “I can’t remember which sorority, but it’s off campus. But not far, definitely within walking distance… You should go with me! It will be fun!” Abigail raised her eyebrows pleading, and Chloe couldn’t resist. Plus, she secretly wanted a bit of excitement, maybe not this much but she was willing to go along.

            “Sure, but I thought you hated sorority stuff. Are you actually thinking of joining one? It doesn’t seem like you.”

            “Well, maybe I don’t want to be like me anyway. Besides, what harm is one party going to do?” As she said this, about a million different scenarios rushed through her head. A lot can happen in one party, but is that really a bad thing? Everyone else parties and drinks, why shouldn’t I?

Poetry Time =)

On Tuesday I will be reading a poem for the end of the year English department gathering at my school. But I can’t decide which poem to read! I would love any feedback! Thanks !


I lost my self

down the drain

smashed up in the garbage disposal

into the dirty sewers

she came out of a manhole

now she stands in my room

not at all the same

hair darkened by lack of sun

eyes reddened by tears held back

face smashed into a never changing grimace

body crumpled, tumbling in on itself

mind wandering


for what has been lost

The Sound of Time Passing

It’s that noise planes and helicopters make

When you’re sitting outside on the porch

Sipping lemonade on a warm summer day,

That whooshing made by jump ropes

Swinging fast

Above your head

Then below your feet


Then below.

It’s when you’re lying in your bed

With all the covers off

Cause it’s so darn hot,

It’s that buzzing in the back of your mind

That you never can figure out.

It’s that song stuck in your head,

The music you keep hearing

That isn’t really there,

Those remembered conversations,

And those that never really happened

But you remember them just the same.

It’s that sound of foot steps

That you never notice

Until they’re gone,

The noise the car keys make,

Your dog’s collar

When he runs.

It’s the tapping of fingers

On the kitchen table

The rolling of eyes

The grinding teeth

It’s the rhythm of breath

The beating of a heart.

The Roommate

This is a short story I wrote for a class. Be warned, this is a rather long short story. If anyone bothers to read the whole thing, then I hope you enjoy it.

The Roommate 

            “Oh! I forgot my camera!” I yell to my mom while I run up the stairs of my house. My dad honks the horn impatiently, I ignore him.

            I run into to kitchen and grab a piece of ham out of the fridge and grab my camera from the drawer under the phone. “Here Duke! Come here boy!” My dog takes one look from across the room and runs toward me when he sees the ham. I grab him and give him a big hug and a kiss. “Are you gonna be a good boy while I’m gone?” He snatches the ham out of my hand and starts to walk off. “See ya later Duke, and Dan! And Pat!” My brothers mumble goodbye but are too enthralled in a video game to look up.

            “Come on!” My dad looks at me like it’s gonna be a long day, but I’m not worried. How grumpy can he be when he’s not going to see me for a month?

            I look out the window as we drive over the hill, catching a last glimpse of my little hometown before it disappears in the fog. “I guess maybe I will miss it a little”.

            Three hours later we pull off the freeway and it starts to hit me, “I’ll miss you”.

            “You’re not rid of us yet!” My mom smiles at me and I attempt to smile back. She starts to fix her hair in the mirror, and she really needs it. I glance into my reflection in the window and realize I’m even more of a mess. As we pull into a too big parking lot I take a deep breath to calm my nerves.


            “Alli, hand me your pillow.” My mom folds the edges of my sheets under my bed just like she was taught when she learned to clean hotel rooms. My dad sits impatiently on my mystery roommate’s unmade bed.

            “Do you really have to leave now” I say to him as I hold back a tear.

            “Yep, we want to get home before dark. What are you so nervous about anyway?”

            “What if my roommate’s mean? What if everyone’s mean?” I’m unable to hide the panic in my voice.

            “Don’t worry so much, they won’t bite” His grin cheers me up and as he hugs me goodbye I feel like maybe it really will be ok.


            I turn the map around in my hand unsure which way is up and even more unsure of where I am. Everything looks so unfamiliar, especially in the dimming light. I spot a three-story brick building and walk toward the entrance to read the name above the door. “Connor House, hmm nope.” I turn around to the building next door, “Hetch East Living Area!” I hear a couple of girls laugh behind me as I open the massive door, maybe talking to myself isn’t a good idea.

            “We call it Hell–A for short!” I hear then shout as they walk away and their laughing drowns out any other noise that there might have been.

            When I reach the top of the stairs I notice immediately that my door is open. I walk in and see that my roommate has moved in completely, she is already more organized than me.

            “Hi!” The shrill voice behind me made me jump and I spun around rapidly to see my new roommate. I assessed her quickly. She was at least half-foot taller than me and her eyes were the strongest shade of blue I’ve ever seen. She smiled quickly and shook my hand before I managed to come up with anything to say. “So you’re Alli, right?”

            “Ummm, yep. And you’re Vicky?” I was already living up to my old high school reputation of being way too quiet.

            “That’s me! I want to introduce you to my friends.” She motioned for me to follow her as she walked into the room directly across from ours. “Hey guys this is Alli”, “Alli, this is Megan and Michelle.” I noticed immediately that I was staring at a pair of twins. They were identical in every way except for their clothes. What was weird was that they had the same blue eyes as my new roommate.

            “Nice to meet both of you” I say the only thing I can think of, “So you guys are twins, right?” They nod and I turn to Vicky and ask a question even though it might sound stupid, “You all have the same eyes, are you related to them too?”

            “Nope, it’s just a coincidence” Michelle answers quickly before either of the others open their mouths.

            “Oh, that’s cool.” I glance at my watch and then turn to Victoria, “Well, umm, I’ll see you in the morning. I’m gonna go to bed now.”

            They all giggle quickly before Victoria shushes them and turns to me “It’s only eleven, do you always sleep so early?”

            “Sometimes I stay up till, like, one on the weekend”, even that was a bit of a stretch.

            “Wow, I wonder why they picked us for roommates?” She glanced at me and added with a laugh, “Just kidding, I’m sure it will work out fine. I’ll be quiet when I come in. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

            “Kay, see ya.” I say it with a smile. I close the bedroom door and just stand there for a moment staring at my new home. Well, maybe home isn’t really the right word for it. It is somewhere in between a home and a hotel. A home-tel. I laugh briefly at my own stupid thoughts and then turn the light off and crawl into my foreign bed. I peek out the window at the full moon before I pull the covers over my face and drift into sleep.


            “Good Morning.” I hear Vicky’s voice as I smack my alarm clock off and roll out of bed. She is already fully clothed and looks as if she’s been awake for a while. I must have been fast asleep when she came in last night.

            “Do you have a really early class?” It is only seven and I can’t figure out why she would be up so early

            “My first class is at nine, I just like to wake up early” she said this all with a perky smile as she typed away on her laptop. I can’t help but think she is being just a little too friendly.

            As I walk down the hall I hear alarm clocks and blow dryers and I notice that Michelle and Megan’s door is wide open and they look as if they have been awake for hours. I just don’t understand how they can stay up so late and wake up so early.

            “Good Morning!” I look up to see some random girl smiling at me and I smile back. It’s going to take a while to get used to this place and all of these people.


            I throw my back pack on my bed and release a big sigh as I flop into my hard desk chair. It’s been a long day. I got lost on my way to my first class, I spilt a bowl of soup on the cafeteria floor at lunch, and I can already tell that my Spanish teacher hates me for no reason. This school just isn’t like the all the brochures made it look. The people are friendly, but almost so much so that they seem fake. Hopefully things will get better soon.

            “Hello roommate!” Vicky skips into the room with a too big smile and heads straight to her closet.

            “Hi. Did you have a really good day? You seem so chipper.” I’m not good with conversation or being friendly, but I’ll try my best.

            “Yep! I’m heading out with Michelle and Megan so I won’t be in till really late. I probably won’t see you until tomorrow. Hope you have a good night” She dug through her closet and pulled out a sparkly black purse and a pair of heels.

            “You too. See ya” I barely had a chance to say anything before she was out the door. What could she and her friends be doing all night on a Tuesday? I know that I’ll be busy with homework all night.


            “Hi Mom! It’s Alli.” I clutch my phone close to my ear as I walk around campus with nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

            “Hi honey! How are you? How’s school going?” I can hear the excitement in her voice, but I can also detect a slight note of worry.

            “Oh, it’s ok. It’ll probably just take a while to adjust. I’ll probably be totally happy in a week or two.” I’m not really sure if I believe what I was saying, but I really hope it’s true.

            “I’m sure you’ll cheer up. You’re just homesick. So, how do you like your roommate?”

            “Well, she’s really friendly, but we don’t talk all that much. She’s out with her friends all the time; I don’t know how she gets any homework done!” I hope I didn’t make her sound too bad, she really is pretty nice, when she’s around.

            “Hmmm, does she party all the time, or what?”

            “I’m not sure, maybe. She does look like the partying type, like a cheerleader maybe. But I don’t think so. I never hear her stumble in drunk or anything. Actually I never hear her come in ever. And she always up really early, so I don’t think she’s ever hung over.”

            “Well you never know.” My mom keeps talking, going on about something unimportant, but I’m not listening anymore. I can see my roommate and her two best friends across the parking lot. They are in a tight circle and I know they must be whispering, but about what? They look so secretive, like they are trying to be invisible. I’m surprised I even saw the three of them all in black huddled by the side of a black minivan. “Hello! Alli! Are you still there?” My mom’s voice draws my attention back and I shake my head quickly to clear it of my far off thoughts.

            “Oh yeah. Sorry I got distracted by… umm, a hot guy.” I said it more as a question than a statement and I’m not really sure why I lied.

            My mom laughed and went on with her conversation; she must not have detected the confusion in my voice. When we finally hang up I am reluctant to say goodbye and return to my lonely dorm room.

            When I walk in I see Vicky at her desk with text books spread everywhere, as if she’d been studying for hours. She flashes me a quick smile and continues with taking notes from a large text-book. She must be catching up on all the studying she didn’t do during the week.

            “So, what did you do this afternoon?” I try not to sound nosy, but I’m wondering if she will mention anything about sneaking around in all black with her friends.

            “I’ve been studying since noon. Gotta catch up on my homework, I have two big tests tomorrow.” She didn’t look up from her work and I could tell she didn’t want to be bothered. It is nearly four o’clock and I know she is lying, I just don’t know why.


            I sit at my desk staring at my text-book, but not reading. My thoughts are definitely not on the history of Asia. I’ve been here for two and a half weeks now and things still don’t feel quite right. I can’t wait to go home in a week and a half, that seems so far off though. My roommate continues with her strange behavior of staying up all night and waking up really early. I’ve even spotted her a few more times sneaking around the school with her friends, always dressed in all black. She seems inseparable from the twins across the hall. I have stopped asking her questions and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I don’t want to know the truth.

            “I know! Isn’t it crazy! … Yeah, I’m super exited, we’re gonna have so much fun! …Yeah I’m so hungry, I can’t wait!” Vicky grabs a pair of black sweats out of her dresser while she talks excitedly on her cell phone, “Kay, see you then. Bye!” She begins changing into the sweats and pulling her hair into a high bun.

            “Are you actually going to bed?” I joke, but I’m sure the answer is no.

            “Nope, I’m going to sleep in a friend’s room tonight, like a sleepover. It’s going to be so much fun. Have a good night.” She is out the door before I can even respond. When she slams the door I hear something in her closet bounce to the floor.

            I wait a few minutes to make sure she is really gone. As I walk towards the closet I glance to the door to be sure it is locked. I really shouldn’t be snooping around; a coat probably just fell off its hanger. I reach for the closet door, but stop myself. This just isn’t right; I’m being a bad roommate. But she will never find out, I tell myself as I reach for the door handle and pull it. I won’t budge; it must be locked from the inside. Now I’m really curious and I reach for the door farther from me and it opens with ease.

            Something round rolls out of the closet and I can’t tell what it is before it rolls under her desk. I bend over slowly and reach under her desk without looking. What I pick up is hard and cold, not perfectly round. I have no idea what it is when I bring the object within my eyesight. It only takes seconds to realize it is a skull, a human skull. I feel my heart speed up as I search the way too realistic skull for a “made in China” or a brand name or something. But there is nothing.

            I set the skull on the floor of her closet so it doesn’t look like I touched it. I stare for a minute at her neatly organized shoe. I don’t want to look up, but I can’t pretend a skull didn’t just fall out of her closet.

            I take a deep breath and stand with my eyes closed tight. It will probably be nothing. Maybe she keeps a fake skeleton in her closet to study with; she is a pre-med major after all. I open my eyes quickly before I chicken out and a gasp escapes my mouth before I even know what to think. Three more skulls are lined up on the top shelf of closet and beside them is a large glass jar. I stand on the tips of my toes and squint my eyes to make out the figures in the jar. It is packed with round objects and filled with blue liquid. I look closer and I realize that they are eyeballs; a few are staring right at me.

            I take a step back and bump into something tall and hard, that couldn’t be her desk.

I swirl around quickly and I’m staring right into Vicky’s bright blue eyes. Now I’m in trouble.

            “Hello Allison” Her voice is friendly but accusing. Her eyes are angry and fierce, but her smile is as pleasant as ever.

            “Err… something fell in your closet and I was just making sure nothing was broken.” She doesn’t respond, just pierces me with her icy eyes. “Nothing’s broken. It’s all good, so I’m just gonna go now. I’ve gotta…ummm meet with some friends. Yeah, see ya”. I turn and reach for the door knob.

            “Stop,” Her voice is commanding and I feel guilty for sneaking around. I’ve been caught, now I need to face her. “I can explain all of this” she now spoke calmly and I waited for her explanation. “The heads are from my dad. He hunts Gorillas in Africa. I never see him, this is all I have to remind me of him” Her eyes look sad and sincere and now I really feel guilty, but I’m not totally convinced.

            “And the jar full of eyeballs?” I’m sure she’ll have a clever excuse for that too.

            She laughs briefly and rolls her eyes before answering, “Don’t be silly! Ewe, I would never keep a jar of eyeballs in my closet. Those are fake. They are just hard-boiled eggs I decorated to look like eyes. That’s why I came back, I was supposed to bring them to my friends’ sleepover but I forgot.” She reached up and grabbed the jar. They still looked like eyeballs to me.

            “If my closet makes anymore noises you can come tell me, I’m just across the hall at Michelle and Megan’s room.” She jokes as she leaves but I can tell that she is mad at me, and she should be. I was jumping to conclusions and snooping around in her closet.

            I still had unanswered questions and her excuses seemed a little farfetched. My biggest question was how did she get into the room and stand right behind me without me noticing. I guess I was just really distracted by the skulls and eyeballs.

            I’ve already been a horrible roommate tonight, so why not just do one more bad thing? That is my reasoning as I walk towards her desk as quietly as possible. I stare at the door to our room as I silently open the top drawer. I glance in quickly and see only normal things: paper clips, a stapler, and a few notebooks. The other three drawers also house school supplies.

            I back up toward her dresser while staring at the door. The top drawer holds under clothes. The next drawer is full of shirts and pants that I’ve seen her wear many times. The third drawer is full of black clothes and nothing else. I pull at the fourth drawer but it doesn’t budge. This is just creepy.

            Returning to my desk and I can’t think of anything else to do. I leave my room and walk down the long hallway. I stop at the window to stare at the large full moon. Suddenly I hear a noise coming from outside. By peaking through the window I can see something moving three stories below but it is far too dark to make out what the object is. I open the window and I hear hushed voices whispering hurriedly. The voice sounds a bit like Vicky’s, but it sounds as if she has a sore throat and is really mad. My eyes have now adjusted to the darkness a bit and I can make out three small figures below, huddled close together.

            I walk silently to Megan and Michelle’s door and stand there for a second. It is a Saturday night and I’m the only one lame enough to be walking around the dorm when they could be out having fun. I press my ear to the cold door and wait for a sound, but it is completely silent. This is just too much of a coincidence, I think as I walk down the three flights of stairs as quietly as I can.

            I exit using the door opposite of where I saw the three figures standing. It takes some effort to close the heavy metal door silently, but once I’m in the grass walking quietly takes no extra effort. I stop before I reach the edge of the wall and can just barely make out what is being said between who I’m now sure is my roommate and her two best friends.

            “I want to do it now!” A whiny voice breaks through the others and I cannot distinguish which twin is talking.

            “No! We must wait for the strike of midnight! You can wait two hours.” This was definitely Vicky. I don’t know what they are talking about, but I don’t think it’s good.

            “We’re really thirsty! Why wait when we could have it now?”

            “It will be much easier when she’s asleep. And you know this is how we were taught to feed by our elders. They would be ashamed to know we broke tradition simply because you and your sister were impatient.” I feel as if my breath is being sucked out of my body and I am frozen as crazy and unimaginable thoughts race through my head.

            I’m not sure how long it has been silent, only a few seconds maximum, but something feels wrong and I think I’ve heard enough to know I’m in big trouble. I turn quietly and walk as quickly and silently through the grass as I possibly can. As I turn the corner I glance over my shoulder to make sure they are not behind me. I keep looking backwards as I climb the stairs to the heavy metal door. I breathe a sigh of relief and my thoughts are focused on my survival, they must not have noticed me, but what am I going to do now? I have just over an hour till midnight.

            I look forward to the door as I reach the top step and standing in front of it are three tall, blonde girls dressed in all black: Vicky, Megan, and Michelle. Their eyes are a brighter blue than I’ve ever seen them. I try to breathe and think of something to say, but my body is frozen as I feel the blood draining out of my face. The three girls slowly inch closer to me, now opening their mouths slightly. In the moon light I can make out a pair of fangs peeking through each of their twisted smiles.

            I can feel my heart racing and I wonder for a moment if they can hear it. I feel as if my body has taken over when suddenly I’m jumping down the stairs and racing through the grass as fast as my legs will carry me. I’m not much of a runner and I don’t think I’ll be able to last much longer against the three girls whose legs are much longer than mine. I feel one of my shoes slip off and I remember that I decided to wear my favorite too big black shoes today instead of my gym shoes. Bad choice.

            I can hear panting behind me and it almost sounds as if someone is laughing at me. Light washes onto the sidewalk a bit ahead of me and I can see a glass door and two guys standing just inside of it chatting. If I can just make it there I might be ok for a while. Suddenly the men turn and disappear behind a wall and my feet fall from under my body forcing my head to rush toward the ground. I pull my hands forward, but not fast enough to keep my head from slamming into the cold, damp ground.


            I smell pancakes and can hear my mom chatting away on the phone. What the hell is going on, I think as I regain consciousness. I blink my eyes hard several times and take a few deep breathes. My head is killing me and my hands are so numb it feels as if I’ve been sleeping on them all night. Was that all just a dream? It seemed so real, but it was so unrealistic. I release a massive sigh of relief as I realize it must have all been a dream. I pull my blankets back to roll out of bed, but as I do this I glance down to my feet which don’t feel quite right. What I see sucks all of the breath from my chest: I am wearing just one black shoe.