Poetry Time =)

On Tuesday I will be reading a poem for the end of the year English department gathering at my school. But I can’t decide which poem to read! I would love any feedback! Thanks !


I lost my self

down the drain

smashed up in the garbage disposal

into the dirty sewers

she came out of a manhole

now she stands in my room

not at all the same

hair darkened by lack of sun

eyes reddened by tears held back

face smashed into a never changing grimace

body crumpled, tumbling in on itself

mind wandering


for what has been lost

The Sound of Time Passing

It’s that noise planes and helicopters make

When you’re sitting outside on the porch

Sipping lemonade on a warm summer day,

That whooshing made by jump ropes

Swinging fast

Above your head

Then below your feet


Then below.

It’s when you’re lying in your bed

With all the covers off

Cause it’s so darn hot,

It’s that buzzing in the back of your mind

That you never can figure out.

It’s that song stuck in your head,

The music you keep hearing

That isn’t really there,

Those remembered conversations,

And those that never really happened

But you remember them just the same.

It’s that sound of foot steps

That you never notice

Until they’re gone,

The noise the car keys make,

Your dog’s collar

When he runs.

It’s the tapping of fingers

On the kitchen table

The rolling of eyes

The grinding teeth

It’s the rhythm of breath

The beating of a heart.


3 thoughts on “Poetry Time =)

  1. Which poem to read is always a function of the department…look and see what they’ve liked in the past…for me the second poem would be my choice…but alas…most english departments don’t like me. 🙂

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