Abigail Brown: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Hey Chloe, what are you doing this weekend?” Abigail’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she walked to the cafeteria with her best friend.

            “Nothing. What are you doing this weekend Abbey?” The slight playfulness in Abigail’s voice made Chloe suspicious. But Abigail was the most reserved person Chloe had ever met, so she was surprised by her answer.

            “Well, there is a rush party for one of the sororities on Friday.” Chloe looked too surprised to talk, so Abigail continued, “I can’t remember which sorority, but it’s off campus. But not far, definitely within walking distance… You should go with me! It will be fun!” Abigail raised her eyebrows pleading, and Chloe couldn’t resist. Plus, she secretly wanted a bit of excitement, maybe not this much but she was willing to go along.

            “Sure, but I thought you hated sorority stuff. Are you actually thinking of joining one? It doesn’t seem like you.”

            “Well, maybe I don’t want to be like me anyway. Besides, what harm is one party going to do?” As she said this, about a million different scenarios rushed through her head. A lot can happen in one party, but is that really a bad thing? Everyone else parties and drinks, why shouldn’t I?


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