Abigail Brown: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

            Sure, she doesn’t officially have a crush on him. But she still sits around and day dreams about him walking up to her, taking her glasses off, and looking into her eyes before kissing her passionately. Sure, he’s her roommate’s boyfriend, but it’s only day dreaming. Abigail thought this over as she stared into her eyes through the mirror wishing that it was him on the other side of the reflection.

            “Hey, are you ready to go?” Her roommate said cheerily.

            “Yep, Chloe will be here in just a minute” Abigail said as she tucked her ID card into her bra. She always thought this was a skanky thing to do, but she felt like being a little bad tonight. A few seconds later the girls heard a knock on the door and Abigail opened it with a smile expecting her best friend.

            “Oh, Hi again.” Luke’s perfect eyes stayed on her for only a second before shifting to her roommate Destiny. “Hello gorgeous.” Her skinny arms wrapped around him and Abigail turned away quickly.

            “Hi!” Chloe’s voice floated through the open door and Abigail’s smile instantly returned. “Are you ready to party tonight?”

            “Definitely. I’m so excited.” Nervous was the first word that popped into her head, but she managed to push that out. She couldn’t, however, quiet the voices chanting Oh my gosh, I look like such a slut. Chloe is going to think I’m a horrible skanky friend!

            “Damn, that is one short dress.” Chloe looked a bit surprised, but added “It looks good though.” After the usual introductions the four of them met up with Destiny’s Barbie-clone friends and their matching Ken-doll boyfriends. Then they were off to a little rundown old house full of cheep booze and uninhibited college kids.


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