Finals, Moving Out, and Carrie Underwood

It feels like it has been forever since I posted to my blog! Things have been so crazy lately. Finals week was crazy, definitely a memorable experience, and I get at least three more years of it. My last night in the dorms I just looked around and it hit me that I would never sleep in this building again, with my roommate across the room and my floor-mates down the hall. I would never again hear those familiar asian guys playing guitar and singing on Friday nights. I would never be in this same situation with these same people again. Sure, next year I will be in a different dorm, with a different roommate, and different floor-mates. Everything in life happens once and only once. There are variations of situations and events, but every single moment is unique.

Moving out of the dorms was infinitely less fun than moving into the dorms. It was raining and I accidentally left my car windows down overnight. So when I got into my car to roll the windows up I got soaked just from sitting down. I also got soaked trying to find the recycling bins that seem to move around everyday. Plus it took me about six trips up and down to my car. I changed quickly and scooted around on my knees with a damp paper towel trying to get the dust bunnies off the floor before my RA came to inspect my room and check me out. I slipped a card onto my roommate’s dresser telling her what I’d been too shy to say all year, that I was so glad she ended up being my roommate. Then she helped me with my last load to my car and it finally stopped raining. It was a very long three-hour drive home.

I still haven’t unpacked. And now I have a whole new bag of things to unpack because a few days ago I drove six hours down to see some old friends. It feels odd to say “old friends” when I’m not even twenty years old, but I don’t have better word for them. These two friends are twins that moved away in 8th grade, but we’ve stayed in touch all this time. They come up to visit their mom a few times a year, so we usually hang out about once a year. The six-hour drive seemed to last forever, and it took me through vast golden fields of cows. I finally found there house in a tiny rural town with more cats and deer than people.

It was so nice to see my friends again, we haven’t spent too much time together since they moved away five years ago. I got to see where they went to highschool, which was so weird. It’s hard to describe, but there world seemed so separate from mine, I just couldn’t picture it being real. But it was nice to see where they’ve been for all this time and the people and the places were all real and concrete.

The main reason why I came all that way was to go to a Carrie Underwood concert with my twin buddies. The three of us had never been to a concert before and so we were all very excited. Unfortunately since we bought our tickets at different times and security was tight I didn’t get to sit with them. It would have been more fun with them next to me, but I still had a good time. The show was amazing!!!! I never knew what really happened at a concert and I was very impressed. The costume changes, the moving backgrounds that were projected onto huge screens, and the music. It was all unbelievable. Carrie Underwood looked like a little dot from my seat, but it was amazing to be looking at a real life famous person, someone who I’ve only ever seen on TV and magazine pages. It was a really cool experience. The best part: Carrie Underwood floating over the audience on a flying pickup truck!!!! Needless to say, it was an awesome experience. Even though we didn’t sit together, it was great to get to experience that with two of my best friends.

The six-hour drive home was much nicer than the drive down. The cows and the fields were all so peaceful and the time went by quickly. I’m so glad that I got to spend the time with my friends, it was totally worth twelve hours of driving. I’m not a very social person, so even if I don’t hang out with any other friends this summer I’ll be happy. Now I need to get a job and start making money.

So that has been my life lately. Now I’m back to my normal, boring routine and I’m loving my life.


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