Abigail Brown: Chapter 8

Abigail walked into the party, her feet already aching in her heels, with her best friend at her side. I can do this, this will be fun. It’s a perfectly normal teenage thing to do. I can handle this. Abigail tried to reassure herself that the night was going to turn out just fine, but then she caught sight of the room full giggly, half-drunk girls dressed skankier than she would ever attempt and guys dancing with them like no one was looking. That’s when Abigail’s thoughts changed to sheer panic and her old shy-self took over. Oh my god, I can’t do this. There are so many people. I have to leave, I don’t belong here. I’m not like these girls. What was I thinking!

            Abigail glanced at Chloe to see if she was as freaked out as her, but Chloe looked over the party with an excited smile. Abigail had always wished she was outgoing and adventurous like her friend, and for a few minutes she’d convinced herself that she could be. But now all of that was shattered.

            “Let’s dance!” Chloe pulled her friend to the edge of a large group of people dancing and began moving her hips and flipping her hair like all the other girls, but not quite as slutty. Abigail tried her best but she had never been good at dancing. She’d been to five school dances in high school but was only asked to dance twice. Neither of those times had gone very smoothly.

            “Why aren’t you dancing?” Chloe had to practically scream over the blasting music.

            “I am!” She glanced down at her feet which were firmly planted and her hips that were just barely swaying. Her arms swung nervously at her sides wishing they had something more useful to do. “Well, I’m trying my best. I suck at dancing.”

            After a few more minutes of horrible dancing Abigail was trying to come up with an excuse to get away from the music. Right when she decided to say she had to go to the bathroom a tall blond guy came up to them and started dancing with Chloe. This would have made Abigail panic, but Chloe seemed fine. So Abigail leaned close and yelled, “I’ll be back in a minute!” She barely waited for Chloe to nod back to her before she headed toward to nearest door.

            She entered a yellow kitchen with linoleum floors and a massive keg of beer. There were several guys standing around the keg drinking and talking loudly. I should just turn around; they didn’t even notice me come in. As Abigail turned and reached for the door another thought came into her mind, Or… I could just have one beer. It might help. Maybe it will magically make me good at dancing or outgoing.

            Abigail turned toward the keg and grabbed a red plastic cup from the stack. She paused for a moment remembering that she had no idea how to work a keg. Then one of the guys looked at her with a sideways smile and took her cup.

            “Want a beer?” He said as he filled her cup up and handed it to her. The foam just barely streamed over the edge of the cup and Abigail took a sip quick to keep more from spilling out.


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