Abigail Brown: Chapter 9

            “Thanks,” Abigail said as she turned to leave the kitchen with her overflowing cup of beer. She didn’t really want to go back to the horrible blasting music and slutty dancing girls, but she didn’t want to stay in the kitchen looking awkward in front of five half-drunk guys.

            “Hey wait. What’s your name?” She turned quickly to see that the guy speaking was the same one who filled up her cup.

            “Um, I’m Abbey.”

            “I’m Brad. You go to school here right?” By now the other guys had moved to the other side of the room to continue with their previous conversation, leaving Brad and Abigail standing by the keg.

            “Ya,” she wished she had something more interesting to say, but all she could manage was, “Do you?”

            “Yep, I sure do. Second year engineering student. Trying to get my partying in before the semester gets too crazy.” He smiled his crooked smile at her and Abigail just stood there wishing the effect of the alcohol would hit her faster.

            “Oh, um, that’s cool.” She took a big sip of her beer, letting the cool liquid glide down her throat. Leaving it with a warm tingle. She’d always hated the taste of alcohol. She’d tried a sip of her mom’s wine once and had half a glass of champagne at her cousin’s wedding last spring, but that was the extent of her drinking ventures. She ignored the taste and took another long drink before she finally came up with something else brilliant to say. “So, um, engineering… that’s pretty tough, isn’t it?”

            “For most people it is. But I can handle it.” His eyes gleamed with a certain flare that Abigail had never seen before and he kept grinning at her with that sideways smile.

            “Looks like you need a refill,” He took her cup but hesitated a moment. “Or, do you want something a little stronger?” He reached behind the keg and pulled out a bottle of some clear liquid and two shot glasses. Abigail didn’t know anything about alcohol and the label was turned away from here, so she had no clue what it was, but she knew it was strong.

            He grinned up at her as he poured two shots. He handed one to her and took the other for himself.

            “Cheers.” He said as he clanked his shot against hers and she ignored the knot in her stomach.


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