Abigail Brown: Chapter 12

            Abigail managed to stumble through the front door of the random frat house before she collapsed on a nearby couch and allowed the tears to run down her overly made-up face.

            From where she sat she could see Chloe standing in a long line that probably led to the bathroom. She clearly hadn’t notice what had just unfolded on the porch, but luckily almost no one else noticed either. Brad and his crew of drunken friends looking for action were still sitting out on the porch laughing and smoking.

            Abigail could now feel the full effect of the alcohol in the beer and the some-odd number of shots she had taken. I just wanted to normal, she thought as she leaned her heavy head against the back of the couch. Just then, someone came and sat next to her. She planned on ignoring whoever it was, but then she smelt the alluring scent of Old Spice deodorant and felt a heavy hand on her shoulder.

            She opened her eyes to see the very drunken, but still very attractive, Luke. Her roommate’s gorgeous boyfriend was staring right into her bloodshot eyes, and she had no clue why.

            “Hey, how ya doin’?” The words took too long to register in her mind, so he continued, “You don’t look so good, ya know.” His words were slurred, but understandable.

            “Urgh,” Her first noise came out sounding like an unintelligible grunt, so she tried again, “I’m Ok.” Her words were far more slurred than his, but he seemed to understand.

            “You have pretty eyes.” Abigail was confused enough by the effect of the alcohol, but this statement left her staring at him sideways with her mouth wide open.

            I must have heard that wrong… Hmmm, can alcohol make you hallucinate? She wondered as her eyes began to close slowly. But before she fell asleep something happened that made her feel much more awake. She felt his cool lips against her cheek and her eyes shot open. Was that what I think it was? He now had one of his large hands gently holding up the side of her head and he was staring at her intently.

            Abigail wondered briefly is she was dreaming, but even in her drunken state this was more real than any dream she’d ever had. He slowly brought his face up to hers so that their noses were touching, then he tilted his head and began kissing her slow but hard. For a second Abigail thought that what she was doing was very wrong, but she couldn’t exactly remember why. So she pushed that thought away and began kissing him back with an equal amount of passion.

            This kissing went on for a minute, or maybe five, Abigail couldn’t tell one way or the other. But she knew it felt good, really good. That was, until she heard a scream and looked up to see a shocked Destiny staring at them.

            Abigail was beyond the point of being able to understand the words her roommate was yelling, but she could see the red plastic cup slowly being crushed in her hand and the golden liquid spilling onto the carpet. She felt like she was watching a very confusing and disorienting movie as she saw Destiny stomp out of the room in her golden high heels. Luke sprung up from the couch as quickly as possible in his drunken state and stumbled after her. Abigail stayed in her place on the couch as she began to remember why kissing Luke was forbidden, and she forgot about the kiss feeling good as she began to feel like she was about to be sick.

            A few party goers shook their head at her before returning to their dancing and drinking. Abigail wondered where Chloe was when she leaned her head on the couch and began to fall asleep.


Is It August Yet? Because My Family Is Driving Me Crazy!

            I love my family, but sometimes I just want to chuck the TV remote at their heads. I still have two full months till I go back to school, and that means two more months living in the town I worked so hard to leave and two more months living in a house full of people who I care so much about but who can always manage to disappoint me or piss me off with no effort at all.

            I’m constantly being told to get a job, even though I’ve tried and even though I got straight A’s for the last seven years so my parents wouldn’t have to pay for my college. I’m also teased all the time for being super white because I don’t go outside much, but I’m not like my brothers, I don’t like to spend my free time running or disc golfing. But the thing that annoys me the most, is my family bugging me about eating healthy and exercising. I’m not super healthy, but I would argue that I’m basically as healthy as anyone else in my family. Sure, my brothers work out like all the time, but they also smoke pot all the time and get drunk whenever they get the chance, plus they get sun burnt on a weekly basis. My dad acts like he’s the healthiest person in the whole damn world, but he drinks too much and smokes cigars daily, he’s also stressed out and grumpy all the time. I want my family to be healthy and I worry about them all the time, but I don’t constantly tell them what I think they need to change about their lifestyles.

            I really wish everyone would just look at what they’re doing wrong in their own lives instead of focusing on mine. No one even realizes how much they are annoying me until I explode, and then they just think I’ve gone crazy. I really can’t wait till August rolls around and I get to go back to doing what I do best: school.

Abigail Brown: Chapter 11

            Abigail and Chloe sat outside on the porch, both taking in the cool night and just thinking. Abigail was thinking about what had unfolded in the past half hour and how disappointed she was in herself. Chloe was hoping that her friend hadn’t crossed over to the dark side. She’d lost three friends in high school after they’d found out how much they liked to party.

            Neither of the girls really said what she was thinking. Instead, Chloe sighed and said, “I have to go pee. Then we can leave. Ok?”

            “Sounds good. I’ll wait here.” As she said it, Abigail thought it didn’t sound quite right. Oh God, I’m drunk. Drunk, drunk, drunk. This is so not worth it. Then she began to hiccup. Ugh! How could this get worse? It didn’t take long for her to figure that one out.

            As she sat there on the porch feeling like crap, Brad and his small gang of friends stumbled through the open front door. They were clearly drunk and talking obscenely loud. They didn’t seem to notice her as they leaned up against the sides of the porch about fifteen feet away from where Abigail sat. She was on the second step leading up to the house and behind her was a flower-pot overflowing with green and pink and purple.

            “Dude! You didn’t get her drunk enough!”

            “Ugh, what a bitch.” They had Abigail’s full attention by now. She quietly eavesdropped while biting her lip hard trying to keep the tears down.

            “Don’t worry buddy, there are plenty of other drunk chicks inside… And they are way hotter than whatever her name was.”

            “Haha, true,” Brad chortled. “And, she was a horrible kisser.” They all laughed before he added, “It was like kissing a fucking rock!” At this they began roaring with laughter.

            Abigail saw this as the perfect time for an escape, so she silently stood up and started tiptoeing back to the front door. When she had almost made it across the porch to the door, she thought she’d made it without being noticed.

            Then she tripped.

            She fell flat on her face. The guys began laughing even louder, until one of them stopped cold and said, “Crap, that’s her!”

            She tried to stand up but her ankle twisted as her heel hit the edge of a loose board. She fell again, on her face, again. As if I wasn’t clumsy enough sober. I should have known better. She thought as she tried to get up a second time. That’s when she realized her skirt was not covering anything it was supposed to cover.

Cleaning Cherries- A Short Story

            It was October in that little northern California town not worth naming. Pine needles covered lawns and a cool wind blew in from the west. In a week or two it would start snowing, and it wouldn’t stop until mid April. She walked down the familiar road to the local high school and watched as that familiar blue Chevy pickup truck pulled into the parking lot.

            She walked slow, hoping he would catch up to her. But instead he stayed a few feet back and they both just went along listening to each other’s footsteps. This had happened too many times. She wanted to turn around and say hi, act like they were good friends. Or maybe she wanted him to say hi first because then she wouldn’t embarrass herself. But nothing happened. She wondered if he still knew her name.

            That night she stood in her family’s kitchen cleaning cherries. Her uncle had brought them when he came to visit. But now they had begun to mold. She sorted through them, meticulously discarding any that did not look perfect. Some were obviously not edible, covered in mold or deformed and discolored. But others looked ok from a distance, maybe they were too soft or had a small tear. She wondered briefly what would happen if she ate one of these bad cherries. Probably nothing, she assumed, but better to be safe than sorry.

            She ended up throwing half of the cherries away. She watched them sink into the garbage and disappear under used plastic bags and other discarded food. But the cherries left everything they touched stained with their deep red juice. She cleaned up the kitchen and tried one of the perfect looking cherries, it wasn’t as good as she expected.

            The next day she walked to school again. It was colder than the day before and she thought the snow might come sooner than expected. Once again that blue Chevy pulled into the parking lot and he started walking behind her. Today though, she tried to walk fast and leave him walking alone. He would never say hi because he would never like her. And she would never say hi because she was too scared to know.

Something I Care About

Something I Care About

             It’s been just over three years since my family adopted our dog Duke from the pound. We didn’t know where he came from or what his story was, but we knew he needed a home. He had a few issues: a scar on his chest, a bump on his head, and a fear of cars to name a few. But despite the fact that he is easily spooked and gets a bit grumpy at night, he is a part of our family and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

            For my senior project in high school I wrote a paper on puppy mills. The research I did for this paper was startling. I learned that 50% of dogs and 70% of cats in shelters and pounds get put to sleep. I also learned that almost all animals from pet stores come from puppy mills with cruel practices. Puppy mill owners, and many pet store owners, only think of the animals as objects rather than living beings. The animals rarely receive the medical attention they need and diseases spread rapidly due to overcrowding and poor living conditions.

            I understand that even animals in pet stores need loving homes. But as long as there is a demand for pet store animals, places like puppy mills will exist. The only way to stop it is by eliminating the demand for these animals and passing and enforcing stricter laws. Not everyone can pass laws, but everyone can be a responsible pet owner.

            Please, never buy cats or dogs from pet stores. 25% of dogs in pounds and shelters are purebred, so if you really want a certain breed chances are you can still get that breed in a pound. Also, please spay and neuter your pets. It is simply irresponsible not to. Pets who are spade and neutered actually have a higher life expectancy and are often better behaved. So there are no excuses. There any MILLIONS of cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. If anyone reading this is considering getting a pet I hope they do their research so that they get a pet they can really care for, so that pet doesn’t end up back in the pound.

Thank you for reading.

Alliteration Poem

One Fine Fall Day

(For my poetry class last semester we wrote poems with alliteration and assonance… it was kinda fun)           

On one fine fall day Phil came all the way from the capital of France. He had learned to dance, to dine, to even romance in his spare time. He came to take a chance to truly tame his aching for adventure. See if he could find a quencher for his mind. Take the time, to unwind the wires of his weary brain, and finally train his bitter heart to behave. He came upon a dreary cave, deserted in the doorway of another day. All the way, he was looking for a thing to ease the wrestling of emotions entwined in his mind. He found a yellow mound of yesterday’s love scattered on the ground. He began to bag it up with a spoon and a cup, but the bag never filled and his heart was sealed off from the love of the ones around. He bitterly began to pound his pink fist into the ground while he pleaded for lost love to be found. Then one white winter day, Phil, who had come all that way, bitterly bagged up his books and never took another weary look back that way.

Evil Purple and the Golden Army

 NOTE: I know this story seems absolutely crazy, but I wrote it with my brother after we were making sentences with those little magnetic words on our refrigerator. So, that’s why it seems far out. And: Pig Boy, One Wing, Farmy, Green Cocoon, Purple Cocoon (Evil Purple), Blue Moon, Snow Sister, and Cool Silent are characters.

One day, Pig Boy went for his summer walk on the water when he saw One Wing the frog following his dad hotly. One Wing looked out over the rolling gold fields and proclaimed “Yes! Farmy dug up the green balloon cocoon!”

            But, the end came fast, turning summer to winter. Pig Boy, enjoying the cool weather, went up to where the sky castle nests and bounced on the fat clouds. This sheer happiness caused the green balloon cocoon to turn evil purple in the night. Blue Moon cried when the cloudy night turned red with fear, and his good rain fell to Earth and fed the hungry garden.

            While One Wing sat happy on the bank of the river he imagined jumping on the clouds with the funny Snow Sister. But, just a ways away the evil purple balloon cocoon was forcing Cool Silent to stop his winter weather. He then trapped One Wing’s dad inside the lake, till his heartsong stopped.

            One Wing heard this news and assembled a golden army of the brave. Pig Boy and Farmy came in from the yellow sun of the East, while One Wing and Snow Sister stood under the westward stars waiting. While the two teams converged around Evil Purple the dragon of the sky castle flew down through the hurling rain of Blue Moon’s tears.

            Shocked by the onslaught, Evil Purple released Cool Silent and ran to the south. But the secret slugs emerged and trapped Evil Purple in their slime trap. The cocoon struggled hopelessly while One Wing and the Golden Army surrounded him with heavy chains of gray sadness. Before Cool Silent spread winter over the cold weather world, he encased Evil Purple in thick white ice.

            The heavy winter brought on a long green spring and the order of the world was restored. The Golden Army rejoiced under the smiling Blue Moon as a light rain of happy tears fed the Earth and left a layer of glowing peace.

Abigail Brown: Chapter 10

            The clear liquid left a bitter taste in her mouth, but the warm sensation in her throat left her smiling.

            “That’s good stuff. One more?” He waited for a response this time. He took a small step closer to her and she could practically feel his breath hitting her.

            “Yes. One more.” Abigail smiled back at him but took a small step away. She was still scared, but she was hopeful that the alcohol might finally be bringing out a different side of her.

            He poured two more shots and they drank them quickly. Thoughts raced through her head as she stared into his eyes and wondered what to do next. What am I doing! I don’t drink! This is just asking for trouble. But isn’t that what I wanted?

            “One more,” Abigail said. She didn’t know why she said it and for a brief second she regretted it. He poured the shot grinning like he’d just won a game or competition.

            After the cool liquor raced down her throat they stood there for a few seconds just staring at each other. Abigail didn’t know what she was doing, she never drank and she certainly never gazed into guys’ eyes for extended periods of time.

            He took another step closer so that their bodies were almost touching. This is too close, isn’t it? What is he going to do? Am I drunk yet?

            As this last thought floated through her head he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her even closer. Then, right before Abigail decided to pull away, he tilted her chin up with his large hand and bent his head down toward hers.

            Then he started kissing her and her mind went blank. The two of them stood there kissing until he gently started walking forward, pushing her towards a door that she hadn’t noticed before. Her back pushed up against the door and it started to open.

            Abigail suddenly realized what was happening and spun around quickly to see a small bedroom on the other side of the door. Right in front of her was a neatly made bed. Abigail panicked and quickly ducked under Brad’s outstretched arm. She could see his friends looking at her half-laughing. As she reached for the door she realized they weren’t the only ones in the room.

            There was now a new group around the keg, including her roommate and her Barbie-like friends. Another group was standing around a bowl of chips and various couples stood flirting on the edges of the room. She turned quickly for the door hoping no one had seen what happened when she heard a familiar voice.

            “Abigail! That was you?” Chloe walked up to her looking surprised and disappointed, “Come on.” She grabbed Abigail’s arm and pulled her into the loud room. She continued walking until they were outside on the porch. It was still pretty loud but there were no people outside in the cool night.

            They sat on the steps for a few minutes just breathing, and then Abigail began to cry.