Abigail Brown: Chapter 10

            The clear liquid left a bitter taste in her mouth, but the warm sensation in her throat left her smiling.

            “That’s good stuff. One more?” He waited for a response this time. He took a small step closer to her and she could practically feel his breath hitting her.

            “Yes. One more.” Abigail smiled back at him but took a small step away. She was still scared, but she was hopeful that the alcohol might finally be bringing out a different side of her.

            He poured two more shots and they drank them quickly. Thoughts raced through her head as she stared into his eyes and wondered what to do next. What am I doing! I don’t drink! This is just asking for trouble. But isn’t that what I wanted?

            “One more,” Abigail said. She didn’t know why she said it and for a brief second she regretted it. He poured the shot grinning like he’d just won a game or competition.

            After the cool liquor raced down her throat they stood there for a few seconds just staring at each other. Abigail didn’t know what she was doing, she never drank and she certainly never gazed into guys’ eyes for extended periods of time.

            He took another step closer so that their bodies were almost touching. This is too close, isn’t it? What is he going to do? Am I drunk yet?

            As this last thought floated through her head he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her even closer. Then, right before Abigail decided to pull away, he tilted her chin up with his large hand and bent his head down toward hers.

            Then he started kissing her and her mind went blank. The two of them stood there kissing until he gently started walking forward, pushing her towards a door that she hadn’t noticed before. Her back pushed up against the door and it started to open.

            Abigail suddenly realized what was happening and spun around quickly to see a small bedroom on the other side of the door. Right in front of her was a neatly made bed. Abigail panicked and quickly ducked under Brad’s outstretched arm. She could see his friends looking at her half-laughing. As she reached for the door she realized they weren’t the only ones in the room.

            There was now a new group around the keg, including her roommate and her Barbie-like friends. Another group was standing around a bowl of chips and various couples stood flirting on the edges of the room. She turned quickly for the door hoping no one had seen what happened when she heard a familiar voice.

            “Abigail! That was you?” Chloe walked up to her looking surprised and disappointed, “Come on.” She grabbed Abigail’s arm and pulled her into the loud room. She continued walking until they were outside on the porch. It was still pretty loud but there were no people outside in the cool night.

            They sat on the steps for a few minutes just breathing, and then Abigail began to cry.


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