Evil Purple and the Golden Army

 NOTE: I know this story seems absolutely crazy, but I wrote it with my brother after we were making sentences with those little magnetic words on our refrigerator. So, that’s why it seems far out. And: Pig Boy, One Wing, Farmy, Green Cocoon, Purple Cocoon (Evil Purple), Blue Moon, Snow Sister, and Cool Silent are characters.

One day, Pig Boy went for his summer walk on the water when he saw One Wing the frog following his dad hotly. One Wing looked out over the rolling gold fields and proclaimed “Yes! Farmy dug up the green balloon cocoon!”

            But, the end came fast, turning summer to winter. Pig Boy, enjoying the cool weather, went up to where the sky castle nests and bounced on the fat clouds. This sheer happiness caused the green balloon cocoon to turn evil purple in the night. Blue Moon cried when the cloudy night turned red with fear, and his good rain fell to Earth and fed the hungry garden.

            While One Wing sat happy on the bank of the river he imagined jumping on the clouds with the funny Snow Sister. But, just a ways away the evil purple balloon cocoon was forcing Cool Silent to stop his winter weather. He then trapped One Wing’s dad inside the lake, till his heartsong stopped.

            One Wing heard this news and assembled a golden army of the brave. Pig Boy and Farmy came in from the yellow sun of the East, while One Wing and Snow Sister stood under the westward stars waiting. While the two teams converged around Evil Purple the dragon of the sky castle flew down through the hurling rain of Blue Moon’s tears.

            Shocked by the onslaught, Evil Purple released Cool Silent and ran to the south. But the secret slugs emerged and trapped Evil Purple in their slime trap. The cocoon struggled hopelessly while One Wing and the Golden Army surrounded him with heavy chains of gray sadness. Before Cool Silent spread winter over the cold weather world, he encased Evil Purple in thick white ice.

            The heavy winter brought on a long green spring and the order of the world was restored. The Golden Army rejoiced under the smiling Blue Moon as a light rain of happy tears fed the Earth and left a layer of glowing peace.


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