Something I Care About

Something I Care About

             It’s been just over three years since my family adopted our dog Duke from the pound. We didn’t know where he came from or what his story was, but we knew he needed a home. He had a few issues: a scar on his chest, a bump on his head, and a fear of cars to name a few. But despite the fact that he is easily spooked and gets a bit grumpy at night, he is a part of our family and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

            For my senior project in high school I wrote a paper on puppy mills. The research I did for this paper was startling. I learned that 50% of dogs and 70% of cats in shelters and pounds get put to sleep. I also learned that almost all animals from pet stores come from puppy mills with cruel practices. Puppy mill owners, and many pet store owners, only think of the animals as objects rather than living beings. The animals rarely receive the medical attention they need and diseases spread rapidly due to overcrowding and poor living conditions.

            I understand that even animals in pet stores need loving homes. But as long as there is a demand for pet store animals, places like puppy mills will exist. The only way to stop it is by eliminating the demand for these animals and passing and enforcing stricter laws. Not everyone can pass laws, but everyone can be a responsible pet owner.

            Please, never buy cats or dogs from pet stores. 25% of dogs in pounds and shelters are purebred, so if you really want a certain breed chances are you can still get that breed in a pound. Also, please spay and neuter your pets. It is simply irresponsible not to. Pets who are spade and neutered actually have a higher life expectancy and are often better behaved. So there are no excuses. There any MILLIONS of cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. If anyone reading this is considering getting a pet I hope they do their research so that they get a pet they can really care for, so that pet doesn’t end up back in the pound.

Thank you for reading.


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