Is It August Yet? Because My Family Is Driving Me Crazy!

            I love my family, but sometimes I just want to chuck the TV remote at their heads. I still have two full months till I go back to school, and that means two more months living in the town I worked so hard to leave and two more months living in a house full of people who I care so much about but who can always manage to disappoint me or piss me off with no effort at all.

            I’m constantly being told to get a job, even though I’ve tried and even though I got straight A’s for the last seven years so my parents wouldn’t have to pay for my college. I’m also teased all the time for being super white because I don’t go outside much, but I’m not like my brothers, I don’t like to spend my free time running or disc golfing. But the thing that annoys me the most, is my family bugging me about eating healthy and exercising. I’m not super healthy, but I would argue that I’m basically as healthy as anyone else in my family. Sure, my brothers work out like all the time, but they also smoke pot all the time and get drunk whenever they get the chance, plus they get sun burnt on a weekly basis. My dad acts like he’s the healthiest person in the whole damn world, but he drinks too much and smokes cigars daily, he’s also stressed out and grumpy all the time. I want my family to be healthy and I worry about them all the time, but I don’t constantly tell them what I think they need to change about their lifestyles.

            I really wish everyone would just look at what they’re doing wrong in their own lives instead of focusing on mine. No one even realizes how much they are annoying me until I explode, and then they just think I’ve gone crazy. I really can’t wait till August rolls around and I get to go back to doing what I do best: school.


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