Abigail Brown: Chapter 12

            Abigail managed to stumble through the front door of the random frat house before she collapsed on a nearby couch and allowed the tears to run down her overly made-up face.

            From where she sat she could see Chloe standing in a long line that probably led to the bathroom. She clearly hadn’t notice what had just unfolded on the porch, but luckily almost no one else noticed either. Brad and his crew of drunken friends looking for action were still sitting out on the porch laughing and smoking.

            Abigail could now feel the full effect of the alcohol in the beer and the some-odd number of shots she had taken. I just wanted to normal, she thought as she leaned her heavy head against the back of the couch. Just then, someone came and sat next to her. She planned on ignoring whoever it was, but then she smelt the alluring scent of Old Spice deodorant and felt a heavy hand on her shoulder.

            She opened her eyes to see the very drunken, but still very attractive, Luke. Her roommate’s gorgeous boyfriend was staring right into her bloodshot eyes, and she had no clue why.

            “Hey, how ya doin’?” The words took too long to register in her mind, so he continued, “You don’t look so good, ya know.” His words were slurred, but understandable.

            “Urgh,” Her first noise came out sounding like an unintelligible grunt, so she tried again, “I’m Ok.” Her words were far more slurred than his, but he seemed to understand.

            “You have pretty eyes.” Abigail was confused enough by the effect of the alcohol, but this statement left her staring at him sideways with her mouth wide open.

            I must have heard that wrong… Hmmm, can alcohol make you hallucinate? She wondered as her eyes began to close slowly. But before she fell asleep something happened that made her feel much more awake. She felt his cool lips against her cheek and her eyes shot open. Was that what I think it was? He now had one of his large hands gently holding up the side of her head and he was staring at her intently.

            Abigail wondered briefly is she was dreaming, but even in her drunken state this was more real than any dream she’d ever had. He slowly brought his face up to hers so that their noses were touching, then he tilted his head and began kissing her slow but hard. For a second Abigail thought that what she was doing was very wrong, but she couldn’t exactly remember why. So she pushed that thought away and began kissing him back with an equal amount of passion.

            This kissing went on for a minute, or maybe five, Abigail couldn’t tell one way or the other. But she knew it felt good, really good. That was, until she heard a scream and looked up to see a shocked Destiny staring at them.

            Abigail was beyond the point of being able to understand the words her roommate was yelling, but she could see the red plastic cup slowly being crushed in her hand and the golden liquid spilling onto the carpet. She felt like she was watching a very confusing and disorienting movie as she saw Destiny stomp out of the room in her golden high heels. Luke sprung up from the couch as quickly as possible in his drunken state and stumbled after her. Abigail stayed in her place on the couch as she began to remember why kissing Luke was forbidden, and she forgot about the kiss feeling good as she began to feel like she was about to be sick.

            A few party goers shook their head at her before returning to their dancing and drinking. Abigail wondered where Chloe was when she leaned her head on the couch and began to fall asleep.


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