I’m really worried right now and I need to get it out on paper to help myself relax a little. So I thought I’d blog about it.

                My brother is going to the emergency room right now. He thinks he is having a heart attack or some other problem with his heart. He’s only 30, but he’s been having heart troubles for a few years. He was on medicine for high blood pressure for a few years and just stopped taking it about a year ago. I didn’t know he was still having problems until he came over today and told me he thought he was having a heart attack.

                My mom just took him to the ER so now I’m just sitting at home worrying about him. I Googled the signs of a heart attack in a young man and that definitely didn’t make me feel any better. He has three of the main symptoms: chest and arm pains, nausea, and a high heart rate. He also told me he hasn’t been able to sleep without getting drunk for the last three weeks. And I know he’s been drinking heavily since the fourth of July because his friends are all in town.

                I know it seems like I air all of my family’s dirty laundry on my blog, but it’s really just to get it out of my head and onto paper (or computer). Besides, I don’t allow anyone I know to read my blog.

                I’m just really worried about my brother. I think he’s going to be OK, and hopefully the doctor will figure out what’s wrong with him so that it can be taken care of ASAP. Until I have more news I’m just going to keep hoping and praying for him.


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