Abigail Brown: Chapter 14

            Abigail felt her stomach sinking as she walked towards the cafeteria to meet up with Chloe. She didn’t want to know what else happened the night before. What could be worse than making out with a stranger and then falling on my face in front of him and his jerky friends? Oh yeah, and basically showing them all my underwear in the process. But even as she thought this she knew that there was something else she had done that she felt even worse about, she just couldn’t remember what it was.

            Chloe wasn’t exactly excited to tell her best friend about what had happened, but it wasn’t something she could just pretend didn’t happen. Both girls inhaled deeply as they came into each other’s view. More than anything Abigail was embarrassed that Chloe had seen her like that. She never drank, ever. She just had to hope that Chloe had gotten to know her well enough in two months to know that.

            “Hey,” Abigail said as she approached Chloe who was already sitting at an outside table with a large cup of green tea.

            “Hi,” Chloe’s tone made Abigail’s stomach churn even more. “Let’s walk,” she said as she stood up with tea in hand.

            I’m never drinking again, Abigail thought as she walked alongside Chloe. Neither talked until they were past the table where the Christian club was handing out free mini-bibles.

            “So, the last thing you remember is coming back inside from the porch and sitting on the couch?” Chloe seemed to be stalling.

            “Yah, basically,” Abigail wanted to stall too.

            “Ok, I’m just gonna say it… you kissed Luke,” she looked at Abigail hesitantly, “your roommate’s boyfriend.” She added this last part, as if Abigail didn’t know that.

            Abbey groaned as she started to remember. That must be why Destiny was acting weird this morning.

            “And then you fell asleep.” The way Chloe said this made Abbey think that maybe there was even more to this story.

            “That was it, right?”

            “Well, that was the worst of it, but… there is a bit more.”

            “I didn’t throw up on anyone, did I?” Abbey was half-joking, but thought it was possible.

            “Not exactly,” Chloe took a long sip of her tea before continuing, ‘Ok, so I managed to wake you up. And you could barely walk, but we got outside. And those jerks were still on the porch. They said some stuff as we walked past them, but I don’t think you want to know what they said.” She glanced at Abbey and she nodded, the fewer the details the better. “So we got past them, but then you started throwing up in the front yard, right in front of them.”

            Abigail groaned again, but apparently that wasn’t the end of it because Chloe kept talking. “So they said some more… stuff. And then they threw some beer cans at you. They were empty, mostly. OK, so then we kept walking, but you were stumbling all over. Then…”

            Abigail was getting a bit sick of all the stalling, she just want to know how the story ended, so she could try to fix it, somehow. “Just spill it, what did I do next?” She held her breath, but was surprised by Chloe’s response.

            “Oh, don’t worry, that was basically the end. But the thing is… Destiny must have left the party just after us. So she caught up with us and saw how much trouble I was having trying to get you back to the dorms. I mean, you were practically asleep by this point. So, she basically helped me drag you back here. Oh, and you threw up again in front of your dorm.” She took another sip of her tea before adding, “That’s all.”

            Abigail didn’t even know what to say. She couldn’t even figure out what the worst part was. Was it betraying her roommate, or the fact that her roommate had to help carry home the girl who’d betrayed her? Or was it something else entirely? There was just too much to choose from. And now she had to admit something to Chloe, for no other reason than she just had to tell someone.


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