Trying to Write

            I’m having a really off day, and I’m super bored. Plus today is one of those rare days when no one is home and the house is actually quiet. So I thought this would be a perfect time to write. I’m currently working on two stories, Abigail Brown and one about a girl in high school who’s dating an alien (kind of). I really wanted to spend some time adding to these.

            But it’s just not working out today. Nothing I write seems to go with the overall story and for some reason everything I write is coming out really cheesy. Maybe that’s because I’m listening to cheesy country music while I’m writing.

            I often read blogs by my favorite authors and I’ve noticed some of them mention having characters that are not cooperating. Before I thought this was just silly, if you are writing a character you can make them do whatever you want. But now I understand. I think my characters are currently in a state of rebellion. No, they are not vandalizing houses or talking back to their parents, but they are being ridiculously corny! I’m trying to write an ending for Abigail Brown because it has come to the end I always had planned and I think the story is over, but I can’t think of an ending that isn’t unrealistically sweet.

            The other story I’m working on is just not going anywhere. I know exactly what I want to happen, but I don’t want it to happen yet. And I’m trying to develop a new friendship between my main character and a group of misfits, but it seems like it just doesn’t fit with anything else I’ve written. Maybe I’m trying to make it about too much at once, but I don’t want to leave anything out.

            I really want to be a novelist one day. I want to write till I die. And I think I’ve decided that what I want to write is young adult fiction. And, yes, I know I’m still a young adult. But I think I just want it to happen faster than it’s going to happen. I know someone who wrote a 300 page book and self-published it before she turned 18. But maybe I won’t finish a book till I’m 25… or maybe even 30. But I will finish a book someday, maybe not now, but someday.

            Anyway, sorry for ranting. I just really felt like writing about this, it went a lot better than anything else I was trying to write.


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