Good Grief

            It’s a Sunday night. I just dropped my parents off at an Elton John Concert. By the time I get home the whole house smells like pot and my little brother and his friend are both high. To top it all off the power just went out, and apparently the internet is out too (I’ll post when it starts working again). I have nothing to do but type until my laptop dies and then read until it gets too dark. Then I may be forced to actually hang out with my stupid brother and his even stupid-er friend. And I just realized that I can’t even cook the pizza my mom bought for dinner because the power is out. Plus it’s raining and windy, so I doubt the power will be restored soon. Ugh, and a mosquito just bit me!

            Good grief. This is going to be a long night.

NOTE: The power came on about an hour after I wrote this. Hallelujah!


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