Nine years worth of journals

A few days ago I cleaned out my desk, and I decided to move my journals. So of course I couldn’t help cracking open a few. It was pretty funny to read some of the stuff I thought was worthy of writing when I was just in elementary school.

            I started my first journal in July of 2001 and by March of 2002 (when I was in 5th grade) I was writing a page a day. I’ve been writing daily ever since then. It’s pretty crazy to think how many pages that amounts to, and I’ll probably never go back and read most of them. But it doesn’t really matter if they are filled with gibberish or never read again, because by writing every night I have improved more than I could have with school alone and I have discovered things about myself I would otherwise not know.

My first journal, started at the age of 10.

            I’m still writing every night. And I will probably continue to journal forever because there will always be something I can improve on and there will always be more of myself to discover.


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