Abigail Brown: Chapter 15

            After all that Chloe had filled Abigail in on, Abbey felt stupid for even caring about what she was about to tell Chloe. I’m the worst friend ever, and the worst roommate ever too. She’d hurt so many people, but still had the sneaking suspicion that she’d hurt herself more than anyone else.

            “Ugh,” Abbey groaned, “I’m sorry for being so horrible. That’s really not me, I’m sorry you saw me like that.” She looked at Chloe who seemed like she was sorry she’d seen it too. Unfortunately, Abigail had more to say. It didn’t really fit in anywhere; it didn’t even really need to be said. But Abigail wanted to tell someone, and there was no one else she would ever tell, so she just sucked it up and said it. “You know that idiot I kissed in the kitchen?”

            Chloe nodded before Abbey continued, “Well that was… my first kiss.” As she said it Abbey wondered if Chloe would be mad at her for caring about something so trivial and selfish when she should care about how she hurt Destiny. Not that Abbey didn’t feel bad about Destiny, she did. She felt really bad. But she’d been dreaming about her first kiss for a long time, and this was about as far from her dream as she could ever have imagined.

            “Oh… gosh,” Chloe said softly as she looked down. Maybe she understood after all. “That really sucks.”

            At this, tears spilled over Abbey’s cheeks. Not because of everything she’d ruined, but because she just finally realized something great: that Chloe was the best friend she’d ever had. She really did understand her, and she didn’t even seem mad at her. Abigail had never had a friend she could be so honest with; she’d never had a friend who really cared.

            “I know we can’t just pretend last night didn’t happen,” Abigail said slowly, “but I’m never going to do that again. I promise.” After a few seconds she added quietly, “Thanks for everything last night… I’m really sorry.”

            They walked for a while, Chloe sipping her tea before saying, “it’s OK. I’m your friend; you aren’t going to get rid of me that easily.” They both smiled.


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