Abigail Brown: Chapter 16

            Abigail walked back to her dorm, trying to figure out what she was going to say to Destiny. She hadn’t just kissed some random girl’s boyfriend; she’d kissed her roommate’s boyfriend. Sure she was drunk, and she barely remembered doing it, but she knew it was wrong while it was happening. She was sure of that.

            She was still thinking this over as she slid her key into her door. She was hoping Destiny would be out with her friends or in the library, anywhere but here. But there she was, sitting on her bed hunched over her chemistry book with a pen in her mouth and papers scattered all around her.

            Destiny glanced up at Abigail as she walked in, but quickly averted her eyes back to her studies.

            I have to do this now, Abigail thought as she inhaled deeply before launching into her well thought out apology. Well, it was well thought out until Abbey opened her mouth, but what came out was close enough. “I really messed up. I’m sorry I hurt you like that… I swear I never planned on drinking that much. It’s just that I’ve never really drank before, and I got really nervous and I made some really bad decisions… but that’s no excuse. I’m sorry… and Chloe told me about how I got back here last night. And I’m really sorry you had to help me after I was so horrible to you, but thanks.” She paused and held back tears as she finished her rant, “I’m sorry, and it’s ok if you never talk to me again. I would understand.” Abbey felt like she’d been talking for an hour, and she felt as if she’d left her guts on the floor. So when she looked up and noticed that Destiny had never looked back up and had on a pair of big black headphones, the kind that covers your entire ear, she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or upset that her apology had gone unheard.

            Abigail sat down defeated and gently placed her head on her desk. Abigail thought she might drift off into a sleep when she heard Destiny’s voice float across the room in soft words, “What you did was horrible, but you’re not the first girl he’s made out with at a party. Although I would expect more from my own roommate,” Abigail cringed at the acidity in her voice, but she deserved it. “But I’m not going to hate you forever over this. Luke’s a douche bag, and you were really wasted. I’m kind of glad to have a reason to dump his ass.” Abigail couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

            “I’m still mad at you, but I know how you were last night isn’t the real you. I’ve seen the real you,” Destiny said nonchalantly. Abigail hid her face in the crook of her arm and let fat warm tears slide down her face.


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