Abigail Brown: Chapter 17

            Abigail woke up the next day feeling new. Not the kind of new she had wanted to be a few nights ago, a type of new so much better than that.

            Everything was OK. Sure, Abigail had almost lost a great friend and she had totally betrayed a roommate she falsely thought she knew. But somehow she felt that things were better than they’d been in… maybe forever.

            The sun shone on her face and she knew there was just one more thing she had to do to make things right. The problem was, she didn’t know exactly how to fix what came next. But, she really hadn’t known anything all along and things had turned out right.

            Abbey stretched her arms toward the ceiling and smiled wide. She may only be five foot one and a half, but she felt like she could take on anything this morning.

            Abigail Brown walked down the ridiculously long hallway of Harley Housing, where Luke supposedly lived. She’d done a bit of Facebook stalking to figure out exactly where he lived. It was creepy, she would admit to anyone, but her intentions were to get in and out before anyone could notice her. This is going to be easy, she thought. But inside she felt herself shrinking an inch with every step she took.

            The door to room 312 is covered in cheesy name tags and emblems from various football teams. Abbey glances up and down the hallway quickly before she removes the plain white envelope labeled “Luke” from her purse. She quickly bends down and pushes it under the door before she can change her mind.

            The contents of the letter were an odd mixture of an apology and an angry rant. She is genuinely sorry for what she’d done and sorry that it had resulted in Destiny breaking up with him. But she was also mad at him for what had happened. He had waited until she was drunk and about to pass out, then he had looked deep into her eyes and made her melt.

            The kiss with jerk number one may have been her first kiss ever, but it meant nothing to her. But the kiss with Luke hurt. She had liked him, she hated to admit it, but she had a crush on her roommate’s boyfriend.

            It hurt because she knew it didn’t mean anything to him. She was just the drunk girl on the couch who was willing to kiss him. Abigail hated that she had let herself fall for a jerk, fall into his eyes, and do something she knew was wrong.

            Of course, Abbey didn’t admit any of this in her letter. She’d just written that she’d regretted everything from that night, she was mad at herself and him, and she just wanted to move on and forget about the whole thing and mostly forget about him.

            Abigail stood up and smiled at his door, completely happy to be done with him forever. Part of her knew that the number one reason that she had liked him to begin with was because he was unavailable. It’s so easy to want someone you know you will never have; it’s all daydreaming and no actual doing. He was also taken by the one girl Abigail envied more than any of the others, although she would never admit this.

            But Abbey was ready put all of this behind her. She was sick of envying and daydreaming, she was finally happy with herself and finally felt like she had started really living.

            As she walked down the stairs, Abbey couldn’t help but feel that something still wasn’t quite right. That’s when she saw someone she never wanted to see again.

Note: Only one chapter left!


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