The Teacher

            Imagine this if you will: a tall woman walks into the room. All eyes turn toward her immediately. She had bleached blond hair, a tattoo on her right arm, and a pierced nose. She is wearing a short printed red dress with four-inch high heels.

            This is my new British Literature professor. When our class first met her she was hyper from a few too many energy drinks and far too little sleep. She explained that class would be brief, very brief, this day due to her leaving for Tasmania in but a few hours. Her ten minute rant was filled with curse words and tangents. At one point people start packing up their stuff (which was admittedly rude due to the fact that the class was getting out an hour and forty minutes early), but this resulted in a brief lecture on American’s always being in such a rush. Before launching into a thirty-second description of the class she said calmly, “let’s all just slow down and have a cup of coffee”. At the end of our ten minute class she practically ran out the door.

            She may be the most insane teacher I’ve ever had, but she may also be the most badass. I have a feeling that I’m going to love her class. And I think all of us are going to find her energy and humor contagious, which always makes for a more interesting class. I can’t wait to share more of the wacky happenings of my Brit. Lit. class with you. So, I’ll be posting random updates about her crazy fashion, ridiculous stories, and hilarious antics. Everyone should have a teacher like this at least once.


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