Abigail Brown: Chapter 18: The End

           Note: Last chapter! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks for reading! =)

Abigail stopped midway down a flight of stairs when she saw him coming toward her. Brad, the jerk who’d given her shot after shot thinking he was going to get lucky. The same jerk that had laughed about her with his buddies, watched her fall on her face, and then thrown empty beer cans at her after she’d thrown up (although Abigail herself cannot verify this last point as she was too drunk to remember).

            The air around Abbey instantly became hot and thick as she clenched her hand around the railing. Her eyes were fixed on him when he looked up at her.

            His expression shifted quickly from confused to slightly amused. A familiar crooked smile unfolded across his face. Ha! He’s not even good-looking! Abigail was surprised by the thought that floated through her head. She felt that she should be mad, but she was stifling a laugh. This is the stupid guy I’ve been cringing over for three days?

            Abbey’s hand released the railing and she exhaled sharply, making more noise than she’d planned. Brad had been standing in the same spot since he’d noticed her. Abigail let out a short annoyed snicker and rolled her eyes as she moved her feet from where they had been cemented to the floor.

            “Whore,” Brad laughed as Abigail calming approached to walk past him. This stopped her cold and froze her with a hard expression on her face. A million waves of anger flooded over her and she couldn’t even think a single thought before she saw her first swinging fast and hard from its place at her side.

            Her firm punch landed in the middle of his soft belly, just below his rib cage. He doubled over before she could even retract her hand. Did I just do that? …Really? Abigail looked at her fist in astonishment as a smile spread wide across her hardened face. Awesome!

            Abigail skipped down the stairs two at a time enjoying the grunts coming from where she had left that jerk. She pushed the doors open and let the warm sun and fresh grass-scented breeze envelop her. Everything was finally right and Abigail walked away knowing that it was only going to get better.

 The End


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