Sophomore Year So Far

            This semester is already killing me and it’s only about 1/3 of the way done. Thank goodness this is the last time I ever have to take a history or math class. Last year when I was just about to start college I expected it to be really hard; about as hard it is now. But I guess it doesn’t really start off that hard. I worked hard and got all A’s, but it wasn’t like I expected. So I think I kind of let my guard down this year. That was a mistake. I’ve been overwhelmed since week one.

            I feel like one of the few things I’m truly good at is being a student, so I’m handling it pretty well. But I wish that I hadn’t assumed that this year would be like last year. And I wish I hadn’t assumed that GE’s are easier than other classes. It is a lot easier to study for a class that you find interesting. So it doesn’t matter that I am taking a lower level math class because I just can’t be bothered. I expected history to be fine, but it’s actually my least favorite class of my college experience. I will willingly stay up till 3am finishing English homework but I won’t go past 1am for history, and that’s pushing it.

            There are two other factors making this semester my hardest so far. One would be my roommate. I’m rooming with my best friend that I met last year and it’s great… for the most part. I’ve discovered that sometimes it’s easier living with someone you barely know. And sometimes I feel like I’ve told her too much, mostly about my family. Plus, there isn’t that need to be really polite and to try not to step on the others toes. I’m still peeved that her desk is halfway on my side of the room and she’s hogging the bookshelf. And it bugs her that I let my homework stack up and then I panic about it the night before it’s due. The thing is, that’s totally normal for me and it’s going to happen every single week. I’m used to it, my family is used to it, but she’s always going to think that I’m just being stupid by procrastinating. And maybe I am, but that’s just how I function. Despite all of that, we actually get along really well. I know I just complained about her for a paragraph (and I could go on), but we have a lot of fun together too. This is also a problem, because we talk way too much at night. Which is fine for her because she does her homework in the day, but I do mine at night.

            The other thing that makes this semester harder is the fact that I’ve gotten really involved. I’m not complaining about this. I’ve always wanted to be the really involved person who is in all the clubs. I’ve been in the pep band since last year, and I’m in this honors society for sophomores (which I am kinda regretting because it’s kind of pointless other than resume filler). Then I joined the Rotaract club which is a community service group, and I joined the English club which will do fun English-y stuff. I’m supper excited about these two groups and I think they are going to be a great way for me to make new friends (cause I’m spending a bit too much time with my roomie) and get out a bit more. But I have to ask: why is EVERYTHING always happen on Thursdays! I think it’s a conspiracy.

            Anyway, I’m having a great year. And I’m super excited for next semester when I get to take more English classes and less of everything else. And hopefully I won’t kill my roommate and suffocate on homework in the meantime! Just kidding! But seriously…


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