A Halloween Poem

So, I wrote a poem for a little competition we were having in my school’s English club, and I thought I’d share it with you. The first two lines are obviously not mine, they are from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.

Once upon a midnight dreary,

while I pondered weak and weary

a stranger crept behind the door.

He carried an axe and nothing more.

The house was dark

and I was the last awake.

I had no way of knowing

this would be a mistake.

I walked to the kitchen,

my bare feet on the ground,

I was too busy to notice a distinct sound.

Footsteps came closer

but I didn’t turn around.

I thought it was my father,

but I was hit and fell to the ground.

My head throbbing

I awoke a few moments later

I hastened to sit up straighter

but my body was bound,

tight ropes coiled around

as I lay on the ground.

There’s blood on the floor,

I assume from my head.

I catch a glimpse of the culprit,

he must think I am dead.

He stalks away from the kitchen,

an axe in his hand.

I struggle with my ropes

and manage to stand.

But dashing my hopes,

I fall down quickly,

with a violent thud.

Hitting the floor

and splashing the blood.

I hold my breath for a while

listening for a sound

of his hostile footsteps

but no feet hit the ground.

I refocus my efforts

and stare at the rope

realizing quickly

I have not lost all hope

There’s a knot at my ankles

and one at my wrists.

I struggle and squirm

moving my body in all sorts of twists.

The knot at my ankles must have been done in a rush

for it’s quickly untangled

and falls with a hush

I wrestle in my place

sure to not make a sound

silently contorting my body on the ground.

Alas, my wrists come undone

and the ropes fall from their place

leaving me free to run

I head to the door, but stop in my place

when I hear a loud scream from above.

I turn to the stairs

and grab a loose brick.

the hairs on my neck standing up straight

Up the stairs I run

to the room on the right

With a quick flick I turn on the light

to find a man with an axe standing over my mom

blood covers the floor and her right hand is gone.

My father lunges toward the axe man

but retreats when he sees

a glimmer of metal thrust toward his knees.

Quick, from behind I charge

with the heavy brick in my hand

A blow to the head, I hit him hard

quick to the ground I watch him land

before I bash in his head

and let him bleed till dead.


Another Post About That Guy I Can’t Stop Thinking About

            I really need to be studying for my upcoming statistics test. But I cannot concentrate at all. I keep thinking about a guy. I thought maybe I’d gotten past him, but then I noticed him at the volleyball game last night and haven’t been able to stop thinking about him.

            Now, don’t get the idea that there was actually something between the two of us. Only in my dreams. But I’ve had a huge crush on him for the past year. I don’t believe in love at first sight, because I think that’s too superficial to mean anything; but I’ve liked him pretty much since I met him. We had a class together last year, and I talked to him more than I talk to most guys. Which still isn’t much, but it’s not like I am just in love with some random guy who has no idea who I am (oh, I’ve done that before too).

            I don’t know why, but I’m just really attracted to him. I almost never run into him anymore. I think the last time we said hi to each other was a month ago, and it’s been like six months since we had an actual conversation. But still, I can’t stop thinking about him. I’ve tried, trust me. Especially when I heard that he can party pretty hard (I’m trying to avoid guys who drink a lot because I have way too much of that in my life already because of my family). But, seeing as I’m in college, it’s kind of hard to find guys who don’t drink.

            It seems like I’m just not going to forget about him. I’m fine with that. But it would be nice if I could see him without feeling like my heart is longing for some great missing piece. Sorry for being a drama queen. But I must add that he has the most amazing eyes ever and I find myself just thinking about looking into them. Yes, the mind of a teenage girl is a strange place.

The Case of the Missing Rommate

            Right now I should be writing an essay for my women’s history class. But instead I’m going to tell you about something that is currently making me nervous. First, let me say that I am a very nervous person. So this is by no means at the top of my freak-out list. It’s just something that has recently been brought to my attention and I think it is somewhat interesting.

            So, my roommate (and best friend) has been “out to lunch” for the last seven hours. When she left she was wearing more makeup than usual, a sun dress, and her high-heeled boots. Maybe this isn’t unusual for some girls, but this is definitely not what she wears on a typical day. So I’ve come to the conclusion that she either has a secret boyfriend, or will soon have a boyfriend (secret or otherwise).

            If this is the case, I’m very happy for her. Although, if she keeps it a secret from me I’ll be a bit offended. The thing that scares me a little is that is she can manage to eat lunch with him for seven hours, when will she spend any time with me!?! I know, I’m a bit selfish. But she’s my best friend and when I’m hanging out with someone it’s usually her. I have a few other semi-close friends, but to be brutally honest I would be a bit of a loner without her. I was a complete loner in high school; I do not want to relive that!

            Also, I must admit, I’ll be a bit jealous. My whole life I’ve been watching my friends (the few I had) go on dates or get boyfriends. And frankly I’m sick of watching! I want it to happen to me for once! But I really can’t complain about it this time because my roommate has been just as unfortunate as me in this department.

            In short, I really hope my roommate hasn’t been kidnapped and I hope that she’s just got a boyfriend instead. Also, I hope she doesn’t spend all of her time with him and leave me to be a lonely old maid.

A Quick Thought

I let myself daydream today. Daydream that maybe I’m capable of being attractive and interesting. That maybe there is someone out there in that big world who sees me as a girl worth lusting after, worth dating, worth loving. Maybe.

I just wish I knew when to let myself daydream.