The Case of the Missing Rommate

            Right now I should be writing an essay for my women’s history class. But instead I’m going to tell you about something that is currently making me nervous. First, let me say that I am a very nervous person. So this is by no means at the top of my freak-out list. It’s just something that has recently been brought to my attention and I think it is somewhat interesting.

            So, my roommate (and best friend) has been “out to lunch” for the last seven hours. When she left she was wearing more makeup than usual, a sun dress, and her high-heeled boots. Maybe this isn’t unusual for some girls, but this is definitely not what she wears on a typical day. So I’ve come to the conclusion that she either has a secret boyfriend, or will soon have a boyfriend (secret or otherwise).

            If this is the case, I’m very happy for her. Although, if she keeps it a secret from me I’ll be a bit offended. The thing that scares me a little is that is she can manage to eat lunch with him for seven hours, when will she spend any time with me!?! I know, I’m a bit selfish. But she’s my best friend and when I’m hanging out with someone it’s usually her. I have a few other semi-close friends, but to be brutally honest I would be a bit of a loner without her. I was a complete loner in high school; I do not want to relive that!

            Also, I must admit, I’ll be a bit jealous. My whole life I’ve been watching my friends (the few I had) go on dates or get boyfriends. And frankly I’m sick of watching! I want it to happen to me for once! But I really can’t complain about it this time because my roommate has been just as unfortunate as me in this department.

            In short, I really hope my roommate hasn’t been kidnapped and I hope that she’s just got a boyfriend instead. Also, I hope she doesn’t spend all of her time with him and leave me to be a lonely old maid.


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