A Halloween Poem

So, I wrote a poem for a little competition we were having in my school’s English club, and I thought I’d share it with you. The first two lines are obviously not mine, they are from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.

Once upon a midnight dreary,

while I pondered weak and weary

a stranger crept behind the door.

He carried an axe and nothing more.

The house was dark

and I was the last awake.

I had no way of knowing

this would be a mistake.

I walked to the kitchen,

my bare feet on the ground,

I was too busy to notice a distinct sound.

Footsteps came closer

but I didn’t turn around.

I thought it was my father,

but I was hit and fell to the ground.

My head throbbing

I awoke a few moments later

I hastened to sit up straighter

but my body was bound,

tight ropes coiled around

as I lay on the ground.

There’s blood on the floor,

I assume from my head.

I catch a glimpse of the culprit,

he must think I am dead.

He stalks away from the kitchen,

an axe in his hand.

I struggle with my ropes

and manage to stand.

But dashing my hopes,

I fall down quickly,

with a violent thud.

Hitting the floor

and splashing the blood.

I hold my breath for a while

listening for a sound

of his hostile footsteps

but no feet hit the ground.

I refocus my efforts

and stare at the rope

realizing quickly

I have not lost all hope

There’s a knot at my ankles

and one at my wrists.

I struggle and squirm

moving my body in all sorts of twists.

The knot at my ankles must have been done in a rush

for it’s quickly untangled

and falls with a hush

I wrestle in my place

sure to not make a sound

silently contorting my body on the ground.

Alas, my wrists come undone

and the ropes fall from their place

leaving me free to run

I head to the door, but stop in my place

when I hear a loud scream from above.

I turn to the stairs

and grab a loose brick.

the hairs on my neck standing up straight

Up the stairs I run

to the room on the right

With a quick flick I turn on the light

to find a man with an axe standing over my mom

blood covers the floor and her right hand is gone.

My father lunges toward the axe man

but retreats when he sees

a glimmer of metal thrust toward his knees.

Quick, from behind I charge

with the heavy brick in my hand

A blow to the head, I hit him hard

quick to the ground I watch him land

before I bash in his head

and let him bleed till dead.


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