Learning to Balance

            I’ve never been able to juggle. I can’t walk the balance beam. I trip on my own shoes on a daily basis. It turns out that this inability to balance also translates into the rest of my life.

            College life has been crazier than ever and I’m finding myself wishing that there were thirty hours to a day. I haven’t even been able to watch the TV shoes that I always used to be able to make time for even when I was buried in homework. But my usual leisure activities like TV and YouTube have now been replaced by reading. I’m trying to finish the Harry Potter books before the seventh movie comes out in theaters. This wasn’t really the best time for me to get sucked into a seven part series (although I decided to only read books 1, 5, 6, and 7. I just started #7!).

            I’ve got a different test every week, mountains of homework, various clubs and activities, and a tiny sliver of a social life. My roommate is getting a bit annoyed by my habit of sitting in the same place for hours reading, and my homework is suffering as well. Plus I haven’t had any time at all for writing. Lucky for me I’m almost done with the books, and then I will be able to concentrate on schoolwork! Although, I don’t really want the books to end. But that is the subject for a different blog at a different time. I’ve got to go do my homework!


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