Lost: A Poem


When I was four

I lost my pet caterpillar,

his name was kitty.

I lost my favorite jeans

the ones that fit just right

and my belt too.

Last month I managed

to lose my keys

and my cell phone

all in one night.

But none of that matters

when I look at what I lost

along the way

I lost my self

down the drain

smashed up in the garbage disposal

into the dirty sewers

she came out of a manhole

now she stands in my room

not at all the same

hair darkened by lack of sun

eyes reddened by tears held back

face smashed into a never changing grimace

body crumpled, tumbling in on itself

mind wandering


for what has been lost

I never found

my caterpillar, my jeans,

my keys or my phone,

and I never found myself.


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