My Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

!!!WARNING!!! This blog contains spoilers! Do not read unless you have seen the movie (not just read the book, because I will be discussing parts of the movie that were not in the book)!

            I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on Friday, and for the most part I really liked it, but there were a few things that really bothered me. And I was wondering if they bothered anyone else:

1) Harry and Hermione dance scene: I felt that it was a bit awkward and steered Harry and Hermione’s relationship in the wrong direction. I think I would have been fine with the seen if they hadn’t ended the dance so awkwardly and if Harry had clearly mentioned that he thought of Hermione as a sister. This is absolutely clear in the book. I just recently finished the 7th book, so it is very fresh in my mind and I did not notice any romantic tension between the two of them. Yes, it may be realistic for them to feel romantically towards each other, but it isn’t true to the book or the characters.

2) The naked make-out session with Harry and Hermione’s “spirits”: The depiction of Ron’s fear really just seemed inappropriate. I realize that the movie cannot be handled with kid gloves, and I realize it was only a vision, but I think it went too far. The characters should have been clothed or their bodies should have been less defined (more like a smoky blur perhaps). And again, Harry should have told Ron directly after it happened that he thinks of Hermione as a sister (as he does in the book). The awkward silence was not reassuring.

3) The lack of “bromance”: I really just wanted Harry and Ron to hug it out after the whole horcrux thing. They hugged in the book and I felt like the gesture meant more than any words ever could. Also one of my favorite lines in the book was when Ron says that he thought Dumbledore left him the Deluminator because he knew he would leave them, and Harry tells him no, that Dumbledore must have “know you’d always want to come back”. I just thought that was such a sweet moment that really highlighted their friendship and Harry’s ability to forgive.

4) The ending: I don’t have a problem with the ending, just the fact that it was chosen as the ending. It could not have left off on a more depressing point. How many movies have you seen that end with the hero mourning the loss of a friend and the villain getting exactly what he wants?!? Yes, it’s a movie in two parts, but it’s still a complete movie and should end as such. I would have liked to see it end with the trio figuring out what the Hallows were, with a bit of hope. I think that the capture and fiasco at Malfoy Manor would have been a good place to start the final movie. But I realize that there are time constraints and perhaps this is just the best place to end for time, but it should have ended with at least a glimmer of hope (like Harry proclaiming that he knows what he has to do next). Harry should have the last word, not a victory cry from Voldemort.

            So, that is my list of things that bothered me. It’s really not a long list, and I want to make it clear that I really did enjoy the movie. Other than the four things that I mentioned I thought it was very well done. Personally, I think that Daniel, Rupert, and Emma are three of the best young actors around and I love seeing them together. I think they all did an amazing job portraying their characters, and I think I will enjoy the film much more when I watch it for a second time. I’m super excited for the final movie; I think it is going to be epic and emotional and so much more. I think this movie set the stage really well for the next one, and I really can’t wait for July to come… although I also really don’t want the movies to end (because, no matter how much I complain, they are some of my favorite movies ever and they always will be).


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