As Finals Approach…

            Finals are one week away… and I’m listening to music and blogging? No, I’m not fortunate enough to not need to study, I’m just procrastinating. This semester has kind of burnt me out, I will blame my history class but that’s not really the whole problem. I keep comparing this year with last year, and I think that is a mistake. Freshman year is fun and new and everything is exciting… not to mention classes are, on average, easier. Sophomore year is still fun, but it’s lacking a little in excitement (for me at least, I’m sure plenty of people are out every weekend having drunken adventures). Also, when I started last year I expected classes to be a lot harder than they were. So this year I was expecting them to be about the same difficulty level as last year so I was caught off guard… because they’re not. I don’t know why I didn’t expect this. Of course sophomore year is going to be harder! Anyway, I’m just ready for the next two weeks to come and go. After a four-week winter break I’ll be ready for a new semester and a new year! And I’m really excited about that.


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