One Year From Now

            Do you ever sit around and wonder where your life will be in one year? I do… especially when I should be studying for finals or writing essays. Last week I indulged in a little daydreaming about studying abroad in London for a semester. How fun does that sound!? I’ve never even been on an airplane, but here I am spending hours looking at fancy overseas universities.

            So, I was wondering, what will I be doing one year from now? Could I be preparing to spend a semester abroad? And if so, then where? Argentina, Peru, England, Spain, or somewhere else? Could I actually have a boyfriend? This is even harder to imagine than studying in a foreign country. Or will I be doing exactly what I’m doing right now… blogging while I should be studying? Hmmm, if I were to place a bet on it I’d go with the last one. But you never know where your life will take you!

            Where do I hope I’ll be one year from now? I would like to be a million dollar lottery winner with a bestselling novel, a super hot/ sweet boyfriend, perfect hair and skin, and an ocean of opportunities. Just kidding! What a boring life that would be! But I do hope I have a little bit of excitement in the next year… and a boyfriend wouldn’t hurt either.


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