I couldn’t blog… becuase a tree fell on my house

So, I was trying to get better about posting regularly. And I’d finally gotten in a pretty good routine, but then I came home from college and our home internet wasn’t working. We were going to get it fixed, but a 150 foot tall tree fell on our house and almost killed us and destroyed our house. My parents, two brothers, dog, and I all managed to get out with only a few scratches. We stayed with family for a few days, now we are staying in a hotel until we can get a rental house. I’m so happy that we are all alive, but living in a hotel with my family for up to two weeks is going to be a challenge. But at least the hotel has internet access!

In the next few days I’ll post a blog about what it was like to be in the house as it was falling apart all around me, I wrote it only hours after it happened. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a less eventful Christmas break than me. Happy holidays!


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