Facebook Confessions: To My Crush

 The guy I have a crush on is NEVER going to read this, nor would I ever tell him that I do any of these things (because I’m aware of how creepy and stalker-ish they seem… and are). But these are the things I would have to confess to if I was the honest type:

(1) I check your Facebook relationship status almost every day (sometimes more) to make sure you’re still single. And I smile everyday when I read “single”.

(2) I put on angst-y love songs and look through your Facebook pictures. You have the most gorgeous eyes, by the way. Actually, you’re just gorgeous in general.

 (3) You sent me an invite to an event last week and my stomach instantly felt like it was full of butterflies. Even after I realized you’d basically invited your entire friends list, it still made me smile.

(4) I get nervous about the girls in your pictures with you and the girls who write on your wall. I compare myself with them and hope that you’re just friends.

(5) I dread the day when I read “Bob Scotts* is in a relationship with ________”, but I feel that it is inevitable because I think that you are such a great guy.

            *Name had been changed


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