A Random Blog: About A Boy I Can’t Get Off My Mind

            It is 8pm and I have sooooo much reading due tomorrow that I’ve barely even started (I’m not loving the time change either!). I should NOT be blogging right now. But I can barely contain myself! Yes, I’m going to blog about a boy, again. I have no one to chat with! My best friend/ roommate and I chat about basically everything, except crushes. So, hello there, would you like to hear about my nonexistent love life?

            So, I met this guy a few days ago during a school trip. As I was with a group of about forty college kids for three days, I saw quite a lot of him. And I liked what I saw. He is so sweet, and cute, and nice, and friendly, and happy, and dorky. Basically, he is borderline perfect. And he actually talked to me. Guys don’t typically show much interest in me, but I would almost go so far as to say he almost seemed like he might like me. I don’t have much experience in the realm of attraction or flirting (err, well, I’ve been attracted to loads of guys, but I never get the signal that they are attracted to me). So, I’m not sure if it’s just his personality to be really friendly and chatty, or if he singled me out to be friendly and chatty with. And if he did single me out is it because he just thought I looked nice, or could have possibly thought I looked cute? If you haven’t noticed, I like to analyze EVERYTHING.

            Anyway, this isn’t what I’m really concerned with. Actually I’m not concerned with anything, for a change. I’m quite happy. But I can’t stop thinking about this guy and, frankly, how much I want him. I re-watched the movie Stranger Than Fiction about a week ago (if you haven’t seen it you should, it’s good) and can’t help thinking of the line “I want you”. I think it’s a great pickup line (as far as pickup lines go), but also, I think it describes my feelings so well. I don’t know exactly why I want this guy so bad, I just know I do.

            Also, I suppose it is worth noting, that guys aren’t the only ones who objectify the opposite sex and day dream about them taking off their clothes. This really doesn’t have much to do with my post; I just wanted to let you know if you happen to be a guy and didn’t already know. Not that I only like this guy for his body. I thought he was cute, but barely ever noticed him until we started talking. His personality is the reason I’m sitting around thinking about him, I just might happen to be thinking about his body.

            Anyway, I just had to blog because I should be reading Jane Eyre, but I’m way too hyper to concentrate because I’m thinking of this guy and smiling like a loon. Before I met him I had a huge crush on another guy who I almost never see anymore (I’ve blogged about him loads of times), but that crush has now taken up second place in my mind. By the way, I’m the type of girl who always has a crush on at least one guy. The last time I wasn’t crushing on someone was when I was about four years old. A bit sad considering I’ve never even been on a date.

            Ok, this concludes my very random, pointless, disjointed blog post. Sorry that it didn’t really have a purpose, I just had to get some things off of my chest so I can get my homework done!


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