A Daydream of a Kiss

            I look into his warm brown eyes; my mind goes blank in the best way possible. For the first time in far too long I stop analyzing every little move. I move the slightest bit closer to him and I can feel blood rushing to my cheeks. My chest is tight and I’m not even sure if I’m breathing. But I know my heart is still beating, because I can feel my pulse quickening as he leans in so that his face is just a few inches from mine. He stops and I don’t hesitate to lean into him fast, pressing my lips to his.

            It takes him a second to catch on and kiss me back, hard and sweet at the same time. I’m definitely breathing now, and my cheeks are as warm as ever. We stop for a second and I look into his eyes before closing mine and kissing him with more passion than I ever thought I possessed.

            Within a minute I’m pushed against a wall, and for the first time notice how much my legs are shaking. I don’t want to ever stop kissing him, but if I don’t sit down soon I’m surely going to fall over. I pull away, kissing him softly a few times before sitting down on the ground and taking a long deep breath.

            He sits down next to me and takes my hand and in that instant the whole world rushes back to me. The sun is shining on us and the wind is gently rustling the leaves in the trees. A few people are walking on the path a short distance away. The ground is hard beneath me, my back is against a brick wall, I’m breathing in the sweet spring air, and I’m holding his hand in mine.


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