Zombie Fairytale: Part 7

            I’m completely out of breath, but I wish that I could thank Daisy with more than just a nod of my head. I hear my parents start breathing again and Phillip is looking around, terrified that another zombie might be lurking around every corner. I look around too, and I’m pretty sure that were alone now. We move away from the burning house and stand behind a large tree.

            “Here,” I say handing my best dagger to Phillip. Then I dig a sharp hatchet out of my bag for my father. I give my mother a small knife and an old bow with a quiver full of arrows. I have no idea how to shoot, but I remember her telling me stories about being a great archer when she was young. I pull my sword from my belt and unwrap it quickly. I look up and see my father eyeing the sword with a small smile spreading across his face. I can tell he’s a little surprised that I would steal one of the prince’s best swords, but he seems pretty impressed.

            “We’d better get out of here,” I pause and look around at the burning huts and see that a big group of zombies has crossed the moat by using the fallen tree I saw earlier as a bridge, now they’re staring up at the high wall. I turn back to my family, “Um, does anyone have any ideas about where we should go?” I never had much of a plan beyond doing everything I could to protect my family, now I’m all out of ideas.

            “Let’s cross the river,” Papa says in a rushed whisper, “I’ve heard that there’s a camp a few miles west. The camp isn’t expected to last much longer, but it’s supposed to have strong protection at the moment.” He looks to me seeking approval, and I’m just so glad someone has information and an idea of what to do.

            “Great,” I sigh with relief, “let’s get going.” The river is a short distance away and I can hear the water rushing from where I stand. I’m not sure how we’re going to cross it, but for now I figure its best just to concentrate how to get to it safely. The path ahead looks clear enough, but I know that in the darkness anything could be hiding. “Um, maybe Ma and Phillip should ride on Daisy, and Pa and I could walk on either side?” I really don’t have any idea of what to do, but it sounds logical to me.

            “No. You and Phillip will ride. Your father and I can walk,” my mother says sternly and I don’t think that it’s worth arguing so I mount Daisy and give Phillip a hand up.

            “Ok, everyone ready?” I ask and my family nods their heads, and I can see determination in each of their faces. I wish I felt as sure of this plan as them. “Ok, now!” I say and kick Daisy until she’s at a steady trot. My parents are jogging at my sides and my bother holding on tight behind me. I look from horizon to horizon, expecting to see hungry zombies at any moment, but it’s not until we are a few yards away from the river that I see a group of three come out from behind a tree with blood dripping from their faces and hands, they must have made a kill, but I’m sure they’re still hungry for more.

            “Keep going,” I shout, “don’t stop for anything!” I know the rivers only about four feet deep, but I can tell the current is strong. I brace myself, wishing that my mother was on the horse instead of about to run into the rushing water.

            Daisy charges into the river without hesitation, but I can feel her whole body being pulled down stream. I look to my right and see my mother struggling through the water; I grab her by her arm and hold on as tight as I can. A huge wave engulfs us and before I know it I can’t feel my mother in my hand or my brother behind me. My eyes are just starting to clear when Daisy climbs out of the water and onto the shore. I jump off immediately and look down the river, not seeing anything I start to panic.

Note: I only plan on posting one more chapter (or part) to this story because I don’t think anyone is actually reading it. I have much more written, so if you are reading this series and would like more please leave a comment and I will gladly keep posting.


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