This Semester is Kicking my Arse!

Today’s blog post comes to you in eleven parts, for no apparent reason.

1) Is “arse” technically a curse word?

2) I’m practicing my British lingo because I will (hopefully) be studying abroad in about nine months, and I will hopeful be going to the homeland… England! (ps that was a joke, I’m an American! When I bleed my blood comes out red, white, and blue! Oh… those are England’s colors too… or should I say colours.)

3) Sorry, I’m feeling a bit “cheeky” (is that the right word?)

4) It’s midnight and I’m a sleep deprived college student. That is my excuse.

5) Oh yeah, that leads me to the point of this blog: this semester is kicking my… well you know what I mean!

6) You’ve probably deduced this from my deteriorating state which can be observed in the previous 113 words (word count is awesome). I’m very stressed out.

7) Why don’t I go to bed? you ask. Good question… I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

8) Oh yeah, I’m a college student, we do stupid things. I may have a 3.98 GPA (yes, I’m bragging) but I still do stupid things. (Not sure why the 8 turned into a smiley face, but I like it! Or is that only on my computer?)

9) Oh yeah, back on topic: I want to curl up into a ball until the semester ends and then have my mommy and daddy pack up my things and take me home.

10) Really? No, not really! Have you ever been to college? It’s the best thing ever (so far)! Despite sleep deprivation, sickening amount of stress, boring food, lack of money, never-ending pile of homework, tests that take three hours, financial aid freak outs, professors who are seemingly Martians, roommates who sleep talk… where was I going with this? Oh yeah, despite the long, long list of ways in which college sucks I’m going to be really sad for this semester to end because I’ve had so many great times and met so many wonderful people. And I’m going to be exploding (ok, a bit of an overstatement) with excitement to return in the fall.

11) But first I have to survive the next two weeks.


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