Sick of Cheesy Romance

            Lately many movies, and some novels, have been making me roll my eyes in disgust. What is with this whole obsessive love thing? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good romantic comedy. But there has to be something substantial to back up the love of the characters. It works so much better when you start with characters who have already known each other for a while and are just starting to realize their feelings, or maybe they don’t realize until the very end. That’s how romance should be done. I don’t believe in love-at-first-sight and I don’t think you should ever be so madly in love with someone that you would die for them, unless you’ve been together for a good stretch of time. And I certainly don’t think that Bella and Edward are a good example for teenagers. Their relationship is very unhealthy – it may work in fiction, but should be avoided in real life.

            Maybe if I’d ever actually been in love my opinion would be different, and maybe I’m turning into a bitter old hag who hates to see people happy. But that doesn’t change the fact that romances are, well, highly romanticized.


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