A Better Me Starts Now

            So, if you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m a bit upset about my extreme lack of a love-life. I’m just so mad at myself for making the same mistakes over and over again and failing at every attempt I make to attract a guy. So, I giving up on guys for a while (no, I’m not “switching teams”) and focusing on myself. I want to become a better person, not so I can attract guys, but so that I can be totally happy without a guy. I’ve never been one of those girls who has thought that you can’t be happy unless you are in a relationship, and I never will be. But I have been really wanting a boyfriend (or a date, or anything really) and I’ve been feeling like maybe it will finally be my time soon (I’m twenty years old and have never been kissed). But I’m starting to think that it just isn’t in my cards right now. Someday maybe, but not now. So, I’m just going to try to put guys out of my mind and focus on making myself exactly who I want to be. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m still hoping that Prince Charming will find me when I least expect it. But I’m really trying not to allow that to become my focus, this is about me.

So here are my plans for becoming my best self:

  • Be a better student:  Stop procrastinating so much, balance my time, focus on getting straight A’s, and organize my notes and stuff.
  • Get into shape:  I went to the gym today and I’m hoping to make it a habit, I also need to stop eating so much crappy dorm food (like top Ramen and frozen pizza), and maybe cut back on my diet soda intake – but not really because I can’t function without my glorious caffeine.
  • Be a better friend and roommate:  Clean up my side of the room and try to remember to vacuum and take the trash out occasionally. Stop picking on my best friend, because we live together and sometimes we get on each other’s nerves and I’m usually grumpy because I stay up so late doing homework. Hang out with my friends more, and try to be a fun person to be around. Also, try to be more peppy during pep band – this might require more caffeine.
  • Be a better person:  Stop talking about people behind their back, stop Facebook stalking, be nice to everyone, try really hard not to be so argumentative, stop judging people before I get to know them, smile more.
  • Learn to dance:  I’ll never be able to dance like my peers, but I can at least kind of figure it out. Or just learn to let loose and rock the sprinkler (the one move I’m great at, but will not do in public).

I’m sure there are other things that I should work on, but for now I think I’ve got a full plate.