Infuriating Professors

            I would like to preface this by saying that I typically like my teachers. I think teachers/ professors are usually great. But every once in a while, one of them just gets under my skin. So far in college I have only had three professors that I really didn’t like.

            The first one just annoyed me a bit. The second one made me want to punch someone… her. This third one makes me want to rip my hair out. Here’s why:

  1. She is a hypocrite. The entire class is about learning about other cultures and not jumping to conclusions and judging. But I see her doing an awful lot of judging and stereotyping.
  2. The workload and entire format of the class in ridiculous. There is a fine line between being prepared and being obsessive. This class is far beyond that line, way into the realm of obsessive. We are just studying in circles, learning the same thing over and over again. The class is supposed to help us prepare to study abroad, but we go way too in-depth on certain subjects – like stereotypes of Americans – and don’t even touch on things that I would think would be very important – like how to travel in a foreign country.
  3. She has an annoying laugh, an annoying face, and she needs a new bra (how can anyone not be distracted by that?). Maybe she really isn’t as annoying as I think, but it’s a three hour long class. Anything can get annoying after three solid hours, she gets annoying after about thirty minutes.
  4. She does not read her emails! This is the most infuriating of all. As a professor there are a few things which you are required to do: teach a class, be available during your office hours, give out grades, and respond to your damn emails!!! In all fairness, she does respond, it’s just obvious that she didn’t actually take two minutes to read what we’ve written. I recently emailed her with a few simple questions – my entire email was four sentences long. She responded only to my last question, which was the least important. I need her to answer my questions before I can write my essay.

Ok, my rant is over. I could go on, now that I think about it there are about ten other things that make me want to kick her. Don’t worry, I’m not the violent type. I just sit in class rolling my eyes when no one is looking and coming up with mean nicknames that I’ll never use (she is “Horse-Face”). On the bright side, I only have three classes with her left!!


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